Eric Lichaj scores excellent volley vs. Arsenal for Nottingham Forest | 2017-18 FA Cup Highlights

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American international Eric Lichaj scores a wonderful goal against Arsenal in the FA Cup.

ANNOUNCER 1: Word from Cash. Not a bad ball in. And it's not away yet. Holding's header. Lichaj. He's going for another. Eric Lichaj scores two. And what about that second one?

ANNOUNCER 2: Gary Brazil scratching his head. That is unbelievable. The skill from Lichaj, to chest it, and then volley it into the far corner. He heads in from inches for the first, but he volleys in from 18 yards for the second. What a brilliant, brilliant goal. This could be the best goal, certainly, of this weekend's FA Cup ties.

Just watch this. The pressure's on. Holding hits out. Chest. Volley. Perfection.

What a finish from the fullback. The American, Eric Lichaj, has lit up this FA Cup third-round tie. Goals from one yard, and then from 18 in some style. No chance Ospina. Nottingham Forest 2, Arsenal 1.

Well, Ospina took a step. And he was gonna throw himself. And he realized he could get nowhere near it. Gary Brazil can't believe it. The Forest crowd are loving it. What a magnificent strike from the fullback.

ANNOUNCER 1: That is the look of a manager that suggests, where on Earth did that come from? I've never seen that before.