Philadelphia Union vs. Orlando City | 2017-18 MLS Higlights

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Watch highlights between Philadelphia Union and Orlando City SC.

VOICEOVER: It's the second meeting of the season between these two clubs as the Union look to avenge a 2-1 defeat in Orlando on March 18.

TOMMY: There's one man you've got to watch for is Dwyer. He's a key man in midfield. They be looking to close him down. And on the other side, there's one change. Epps is in. And that's a very basic-looking lineup.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yotun went down as he tried to pass, still down as that ball is played forward. On the right sideline, cut inside, Ilsinho, goal! Union lead!

TOMMY: The drive inside. And Ilsinho, he really give this a wrap. I mean, he headed a ton.

ANNOUNCER 1: Medunjanin off the left foot. Oh, Ilsinho's wide open. Orlando City has to try to close him down a bit on that right side. Epps-- Ilsinho. Picault-- 2-0, Union!

TOMMY: Well, this one again. Ilsinho starts it in the midfield. Watch this. And then, look at him tear up the field, and he switched the ball across. And Picault with a powerful header on to it. Look at that.

ANNOUNCER 1: Driven by Rivas, near post. Headed by Powers. Save by Blake! And the clearance by Gaddis. Big time save for Andre Blake.

Jonathan Spector also one of those players not on this trip, out with an illness. Here is Picault, cutting inside of Hines, played it across. There's the record for CJ Sapong! Number 15. 3-0, Union on the Sapong goal.

TOMMY: He simply just has the wheels to outrun the player. And then he feeds the ball across, makes it a very simple job.

ANNOUNCER 1: The Union actually get possession out of it as well. Sapong heads it forward. Ilsinho is after it. Sutter heads it, not enough on it. Look at legs, the speed of Picault. He's in! Score! [INAUDIBLE]! 4-0, Union!

TOMMY: But this was just blistering speed. And he slips it in under the goalkeeper, and he makes it 4-0.

ANNOUNCER 1: Couldn't get it past Elliott. Right up the middle, Medunjanin wide open. Three on three on the attack. The sprint by Ilsinho. Flag stays down. Ilsinho is in! Ilsinho with a goal, his second. 5-0, Union.

TOMMY: Beautiful ball out to Medunjanin. Medunjanin has them left and right. And he just slips that little diagonal ball inside. Ilsinho finishes it off.

ANNOUNCER 1: --through all that smoke.


ANNOUNCER 2: Off a stumble there, here's Orlando City with Yotun and Dwyer. Dwyer's going to walk in. It's behind him. Saved by Blake.

Sent in. The header-- shutout's gone. Dom Dwyer has spoiled the shutout. So not all the boxes, Tommy, were checked.

TOMMY: OK. Gaddis doesn't quite get to him. Dom Dwyer gets there, and he puts the head on the ball.

ANNOUNCER 1: It has to be a clear and concise error in order to change that call. Medunjanin plays it over. Pushed over wide left side. Fabinho looking. Fabinho in front. Saved by Edwards. Rebound, Sapong. 6-1, Union. Three players now with two goals.

Number 16 of the year for CJ.

TOMMY: There's the shot from Medunjanin. And CJ is right there.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fans are chanting for Brian Carroll in his final game. Ball played up towards Carroll. Cut off, Orlando City will get to this as the clock strikes 90. And smartly, I applaud the referee.

Was well done by a lot of people on this field tonight. And a good way for Brian Carroll to end the night. Only thing they didn't get tonight was the shutout for Andre Blake, Tommy. But all the other boxes were checked.

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