Did the Cavaliers choke away the series in Game 1?

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After a heartbreaking loss in Game 1, what are the odds of the Cavs winning now?

- LeBron James said, oh, my god. He verbalized, oh, my god. You can read his lips on the highlight-- oh, my god.

- J.R. Smith--

- That's an atrocity.

- He gave-- the words that left his mouth where, I thought we were up. Like, you could read it. Like, he was communicating it. And LeBron was so disappointed, because he put in such a super heroes effort in that game, 51 points. Like, you think about that. I mean, at that point, they scored 107. I mean, he was responsible for nearly half of the scoring that occurred during the game.

NICK HARDWICK: It's Phenomenal. The guy's absolutely phenomenal.

RICH OHRNBERGER: Nuts that he's even able to do that. Credit to him against one of the better teams we know on the planet or have ever known, right? But this is so much more about accountability in the moments that matter the most and situational awareness.

- This is pretty standard operating procedure when somebody blows it at the end and allows another team to creep in and tie it and take it over time. All sports-- this is exactly what happens. If the momentum has shifted so far where you had your moment to seize, and you failed to seize it. The other team knows it. You know it. And what happens? Cleveland got steamrolled in overtime.

- You know, another momentum shifter that a lot of people are talking about is this Kevin Durant driving the lane. LeBron, whether or not, his feet were set. Was it a block? Was it a charge? I mean, you're talking about a lead of two at the time for the Cavs. You're talking about less than a minute left to end play.

So the end of this game, you had a couple of scenarios where the Cavaliers were in the cap road seat-- ball in hand or potential to have, you know, the nurses swing in their favor. And it goes against them. And so you have that mentality of boy, we're getting beaten at all the breaks. And so again, game 1, you have this opportunity, even given that Kevin Durant-- it ends up getting called a block on LeBron James.

You even have that bad break. You still have an opportunity to win the game at the end. And it still goes against you. If you're LeBron James, are you going, he's not-- I mean, that's as good of an effort as I possibly can provide.

NICK HARDWICK: That's all I've got.

- We're just not going to see our way out of this thing.

- I think what you saw in overtime is going to be how the rest of the series unfolds. They know they have the opportunity to go in and steal a game from the dynasty on their home court. They've won 18 of their last 19 games at Oracle Arena-- 18 of 19, LeBron knows--


NICK HARDWICK: --the gravity of that one game. That's why he put up 51 points. When it's asked of LeBron, he always comes through and performs. He knows when it's his time to go. It was his time to go yesterday. They had the opportunity to steal one. I think there were cracks in Golden State's program coming into the playoffs.

And they've shown them throughout by drop in-- by going to a game 7 in Houston. They really had no business going to game 7. But they haven't performed up to snuff. They're the greatest team assembled. But they're not performing as the greatest unit right now. They had their opportunity-- Cleveland did-- to steal one in Oracle, yesterday, which would have changed the conversation.