Kevin Harvick scores his fourth win of the year | 2018 DOVER | FOX NASCAR

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NASCAR Cup Series Highlights: Kevin Harvick pulls away from Clint Bowyer by seven seconds to win his fourth race of the year.

ANNOUNCER 1: You know, look at Tony Stewart. I know as a driver, you just stay calm and cool. But as an owner, watching your car start to-- going to finish first and second, maybe all three of them in the top 10 right at it, you're a nervous wreck. His heart's beating out of his chest right now.

ANNOUNCER 2: Starter has the white flag in hand. Here it is, one lap to go, sponsored by Credit One Bank. 621st career start for the 42-year-old from Bakersfield, California. Moving to 18th on the all time win list. Here he comes for his 41st career win, Kevin Harvick. Wins Dover. As Stewart-Haas puts three cars in the top five for the first time ever.

ANNOUNCER 1: At a really, really difficult racetrack. That's quite an accomplishment.

ANNOUNCER 3: That's pretty cool. Harvick went all the way to the end of the grandstands over there in the middle of one or two. He wanted to make sure he got his hand out the window to wave at every fan that came here to Dover today.

ANNOUNCER 1: I just think, Mike, I watch these four teams week in, week out here lately. They are helping each other, sharing information better than I think they ever have.

ANNOUNCER 2: It's been 13 Dover races since a Ford went to Sunoco victory lane. Matt Kenseth did it back in May of 2011. And Toyota did not lead a lap today. First time since Atlanta in 2017.

ANNOUNCER 3: Well, I really thought that Kyle Bush started to take control this season and possibly be the favorite for the championship. But I believe Kevin Harvick is just taking back the reins of being one of the favorites, if not the favorite.

ANNOUNCER 2: Great day for Stewart-Haas. Thanks to everybody who stuck it out through the rain delay. A great finish for that race team, and Kevin Harvick brings it home.

ANNOUNCER 4: It is a Busch Beer bath. And the confetti flies. Kevin Harvick parks it in victory lane for the fourth time this season.

Kevin, you and Clint Bowyer so tight back in fourth. And then all of a sudden, you had the move of the race. You pass him, and you win by seven seconds. How did you get it done?

- Well the first thing I got to do is just thank everybody on my team. Everybody at Stewart-Haas Racing, Roush Yates Engines. Everybody from Ford. Ford just continuing to put the effort that they put into these cars. Three cars in the top five says a lot about where we are as a company. But everybody from Jimmy Johnson and Busch and Ford, Fields, Haas, Mobil One, Morton Buildings, Textron Off-Road, Ollie's, LiftMaster and the fans especially. It was great to see those fans stick around for the finish.

But it's fun racing your teammate. And I mean, that says a lot about our company, and one of your good friends as well. So just want to say hi to Diana. Keeland and Piper at home. Be home in a little bit.

- All right, another monster's coming home to Keeland.

- That's right. Yeah, this time, don't break his arm, Keeland.

ANNOUNCER 4: Congratulations. Kevin Harvick makes it two at Dover.