Acceptable or unacceptable? NASCAR’s most controversial moves

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Larry McReynolds and AJ Allmendinger debate if some of NASCAR'S most controversial on-track incidents can be deemed acceptable racing.

- OK, so there were so many times yesterday in the race that we kind of said, hey, can he do that? Is that OK? Unacceptable or acceptable? So we thought we would take a look back at some of the events from Sunday-- there they are-- as well as some from past races. So we're not just sticking to Sunday's races. This is acceptable and this is unacceptable. I needed to explain that to you, I'm sure.

- And this is I'm not real sure.

- You weren't explaining for to the people at home, you were explaining to Larry. He's slow sometimes.

- OK, so let's start with Kevin Harvick and Ryan Blaney, who we just heard from. This battle, is this acceptable or unacceptable?

- This is just short track racing. This is what Martinsville is all about. You get stuck around a guy usually all day, beat and bang on each other.

- Nobody wrecked anybody. It's the last short track race of the year. Two guys at work having the best run at this point of the race. So yeah, just good, hard short track racing.

- Larry, could you hold your sign up a little more?


I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I broke our momentum. Next one, we did next level earlier. Brad Keselowski, Chase Elliott racing for the lead. Acceptable, unacceptable? What do you think?

- Same thing again. Short track racing at Martinsville. And honestly, the victim here in my book, as we said earlier, opened the door about taking the outside on the restart.

- Yeah, going for the win, three to go on a restart. We thought it's acceptable.

- Thumbs up, green thumbs up. OK, so the next one is Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott. We've already kind of broken this down. Is this acceptable or unacceptable, guys?

- This is unacceptable. You get in so hard, you don't give the guy a chance to even make the corner. I know you're going to do the bump and run. But at least give him a chance to make the corner.

- Yeah, this was pretty much the dump and wreck. And even the guy that did it is not accepting it. How am I going to make it acceptable?

- All right, that was yesterday. Chase Elliott on the receiving end. In 2013, he was delivering the blow. Canadian Tire Motorsports Park with Ty Dillon.

- Well, my grandmother had a saying, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. I mean, yeah. If last night was wrong, then that's certainly wrong right there.

- Is that an Alabama thing?

- It is.

OK, OK, all right, never heard of that. I mean, but that's the thing. You've got to accept if you do it to somebody at some point in this sport, it's going to come back to you. It's unacceptable, but it happens.

- Memories like elephants, like the tide, right?

- That's it. It's John 3:16.

- There you go. Yes, it is. OK, so the next one, we'll stay at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. And we will go Austin Cindric and Kaz Grala.

- So this is basically the same incident as Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott. You don't give the guy even a chance to make the corner. Kaz is leading the race, coming to take the checker, basically. A couple of corners away, Austin Cindric gets in there and just lays him out.

- Yeah, I know Austin was trying to win his first race, but he had a much faster truck and a lot more corners to do that. He didn't have to drive through him right there.

- Is that three consecutive thumbs down? I think the two of you have anger issues. Our last one involved Denny Hamlin. Final lap last year, getting into Tony Stewart at Sonoma, turn 7.

- And this is acceptable. He gave Tony a chance to make the corner. Tony actually got in a little deep, opened the door, which--

SHANNON SPAKE: Oh, there we go!

- I'm just tired of being the same as you.

- You're going to get a reputation.

- That's it, yeah.

- That's it?

- Yeah, it's one of those where I could've went either way. But I'm going to say it was not acceptable.