Skater sets world record by going 59 mph on an electric longboard

There are plenty of thrill-seekers in this world, always trying to reset the fastest land-speed record for something, whether it be cars, bikes or golf carts.

One such thrill-seeker is 32-year-old Mischo Erban, who recently set the first Guinness World Record for the Fastest speed on an electric skateboard at 59.55 mph.

The attempt took place at Portoroz airport in Piran, Slovenia, while the ride itself was actually an electric, 4WD longboard called the Nextboard, which isn’t actually available for purchase… yet.

It will be interesting to see how much competition Erban will get once it is available to the public.

Erban did crash during his attempt, but not before securing the record after running a distance of 100 meters.

The 4WD electric Nextboard that Mischo Erban used to set the record.