Ride along as a 1,800-horsepower Camaro flips at 195 mph

A 6-point roll bar, Snell rated helmets and G-FORCE 5-point harnesses helped this driver, Nacho Bernal, and his passenger survive a scary 195 mph crash in a Chevy Camaro at a runway.

This was no ordinary Camaro, however. In fact, this QMP Racing Engines LSX436 Twin Turbo Chevy Camaro, tuned by Cunningham Motorsports, boasted 1,800 horsepower.

The result was that, just before the crash, the team hit 195 mph, setting the Camaro half-mile world record speed. Good thing too, because Bernal would have owed his daughter $20 if he hadn’t brought home a trophy.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to bring home the car, as the machine was destroyed in the rollover. Bernal says that, as he hit the brakes, the right front tire locked, sending the car into a wild ride that knocked his passenger unconscious, although he was ultimately OK.

Video by High Tech Corvette