Twelve wild rides of 2016: Rally car rolls through crowd of spectators

Photo: JPeltsi/YouTube

Editor’s note: On weekdays from Dec. 1 to Dec. 16, FOX Sports will be counting down the 12 wildest rides of 2016.

Back in January, one turn in particular caught several rally car drivers out during the Jari-Pekka rally Heinola in Finland.

A few of these cars ended up rolling over and over through a crowd of trees, which was scary enough. However, to add to the drama, a group of spectators was standing on the outside of the exit of the turn, where all of the cars were rolling.

One spectator even caught one of the incidents on camera:

While everyone was OK and there were no reports of injuries from the weekend, we hope that these videos remind everyone to avoid spectating from the outside of the exits of turns at a motor rally.