This man privately owns two F1 cars and has his own service crew

Meet Dan, a New York City Real Estate Developer and car collector. Despite standing in front of lots of other cars in his picture, his actual car collection is very small and a bit unusual. That’s because his collection consists of only two cars and they are both actual Formula One machines. What makes it more unusual is that one of them is fully functional and he will be driving it very soon!

If you think about what it means to not only own an F1 car, but to actually be able to drive it as a private owner, it’s not only incredible, but the logistics of it are ridiculous!

So how is Dan making this even possible? A couple of months ago, I had the unique opportunity to meet with him and hear his story…

The full story, including how Dan is using sim racing to gain experience behind the wheel of an F1 car, is available at MockRacer:

Follow Dan in his awesome F1 adventures on Instagram @dbythewood