Saturday saw two fatalities at the Isle of Man TT

Two competitors were killed in separate incidents at the Isle of Man TT on Saturday. The Isle of Man TT is an annual set of motorcycle and sidecar races that are held on the 37.73-mile Snaefell Mountain Course on the Isle of Man.

Early on in the day, 27-year-old Australian sidecar driver Dwight Beare was killed in a crash during the Sidecar Race 1. His passenger Ben Binns suffered a fractured ankle.

Then, during a practice session in the evening, 50-year-old motorcycle racer Paul Shoesmith was killed in a crash on the Sulby Straight. The session was red flagged and abandoned. Shoesmith had finished in 29th place in the Superbike race earlier on in the day.

Much like they had following Beare’s incident earlier in the day, the Isle of Man TT posted a statement regarding the incident to its Facebook page: