Clayton Kershaw on his longest postseason start — and what exactly happened at the top of the 9th

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Clayton Kershaw joins Ken Rosenthal after throwing 8 shutout innings against the Atlanta Braves in Game 2 of the NLDS.

- Thanks, Kevin. Clayton, you had a talk with Dave Roberts on the bench before the ninth inning. You came out to a huge roar and then you got taken right out. What was the plan?

- Yeah, you know, we were trying to get them to burn two bench guys right there. So if Duda was going to come out and pitch hit against me, I was going to stay in the game, but once Flowers came in, we let Kenley get the rightys out.

KEN ROSENTHAL: Now, you allowed a lead off double to Acuna to start the game, and only one hit the rest of the way through eight innings. What made you so successful tonight?

- Um, you know, I don't know. It was big to get out of that first inning without a run. You know, you always want to go get the guys in the dugout when you're at home 0-0 to start the first. That's huge for us. And, you know, once Manny hit that homer right there, it's just trying to maintain the lead.

And, you know, a lot of first pitch outs, lot of quick outs. And got to keep pitch count down. I got to stay in the game a little bit.

KEN ROSENTHAL: The Albies come backer, how much did it hurt?

- Yeah, just in a good spot. He got me-- I mean, it's just a ground ball, but he hit it hard and it got me right in a good spot. So little sore tomorrow, but I'll be all right.

- Now, there was a lot of talk coming into this game about you starting game two instead of game one. What do you think was the most tangible effect? Was it the extra days rest, or getting to throw a bullpen, maybe even extra motivation?

- Yeah, you know, I don't know. I think, once you see Ryu threw the way he did game one, you just want to mimic that. And, you know, once they told me, obviously a little disappointment there, but after that, you just move on. You're still going to pitch a big league playoff game. You know, not many people get to do that, so you got a job to do.

- Clayton, these are the nights you savor, these are the nights you work for. You had some injuries over the years. How much more special does it make a game like this?

- Anytime you get to win a playoff game, it's special. Me of all people know that.

KEN ROSENTHAL: Clayton, thank you very much. Kevin, back to you.