The FOX MLB crew discusses Mike Moustakas’ extra inning heroics to take Game 1 from the Rockies

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Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz, Frank Thomas and Kevin Burkhardt talk about what worked for Mike Moustakas in his extra inning heroics.

- Wow, what a game. What a way to start a series. 3-to-2, your score in 10. Mike Moustakas, the hero. We've got the Big Hurt, the Hall of Famer-- Frank Thomas, Big Papi-- David Ortiz, A-Rod-- Alex Rodriguez. And so we talk about Moustakas first, who they went out in a series of moves at the deadline to get him. He said it to JP Morosi. Hey, look, it helped a lot that I've been in this situation before, and he obviously came through.

- Well, that's exactly what you want in October is you want seasoned veterans. And Mike, who already has a world championship, brings all that experience to Milwaukee and to his young bunch. And he looked, Papi, like a very seasoned hitter in that situation.

- Well, Moustakas has been in this situation so many times before. I mean, if you go back into the Kansas City days, he has been able to come through and produce for the Kansas City Royals during the playoff. Now the situation, the guy attacking the zone with a fastball. Seems like after he followed the third fastball, he was like, OK, let me see on this fastball so I can make it count that way.

- I didn't understand it. Ottavino with the nastiest slider in baseball, four straight fastballs to a seasoned veteran like Moustakas who's a great fastball hitter? Didn't get it. But we expected a dogfight, we got one. This is going to be one heck of a series.

- Let me tell you why Ottavino made that mistake. I was at that game on Tuesday. Two or three wild pitches. Pitchers have short-term memory. Four fastballs when the league is hitting .140 against a slider? 49 strikeouts on the slider this year and unhittable with two strikes.

Unbelievable-- four pitches, four fastballs. That was the difference of the game right there.

KEVIN BURCKHARDT: Let's remember, as great as Ottavino has been all year, and he's been simply superb, he gave up that 0-2 hit. He was 0-2 to Baez, gave it up. That's why it went to the 13th. He's 0-2 here as Frank said, three fastballs.

And I know what you're saying by not throwing the slider, but he's got a guy behind the plate who is as good of a defensive guy in the league. Former shortstop who gets down and can block the pitches. I'm surprised with you he didn't throw his best pitch, which is a slider.

- Don't forget, he was late on the fastball. That's why-- the pitcher, he was like, OK, he must be sitting on the slider. Let me keep throwing that-- he was looking bad with that fastball. He was late on the fastball. [INAUDIBLE]. He was late.

- The one thing is the minute you throw the fourth fastball and it's a strike, A, it's too many fastballs. They're big league hitters. Mike is a guy that's been around a long time. The other part is the mentality of a pitcher. This young man has not slept for two days because he gave an 0-2 slider.

So he's telling himself if I get in that situation again, I will not get to beat with my slider. Well, you got beat with a fastball today.

- I'm going to go one step further because when Moustakas came up, Frank yelled out no way I'm pitching to him here. You know, Manny Pena, the catcher, was on deck, but they elected to go to Moustakas.

- Well, you look at short term memory? 1-for-1 against Ottavino, home run. Mike Moustakas is an excellent fastball hitter. I've watched him for years in the Central-- with the American League Royals. The guy that with a slider like that, you've got to get him off the fastball somehow. I know he didn't trust it just like you said he didn't trust because of the wild pitching situation, but I'm not giving him four straight fastballs out of the plate against--

- And I agree, KB. Not only is he a good catcher, but this is Major League Baseball, it's not Little League or high school. Throw your best slider. It's the responsibility of the catcher to keep it in front, but you cannot make a mistake-- a mental mistake to throw four heaters right down the middle.

- The league was 0-for-36 against Ottavino. 0-for-36 with two strikes. 2-for-2 now in the postseason. Think about how crazy that is.