Full Count: Ken Rosenthal on Adam Duvall’s surprising trade interest

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Adam Duvall is receiving surprising trade interest even though his batting avg is just around .200

HOST: So you think batting average matters? Well, the Reds are drawing a surprising amount of trade interest in outfielder Adam Duvall, even though he is hitting just 2-0-2. Duvall is a two-time 30 homer man, a two-time Gold Glove finalist, and he is one of the game's unluckiest hitters this season. He also is earning just $645,000, with three years of control remaining after this one.

Now, the Reds probably would not get a ton in return for Duvall, but they've got two other outfielders, making him expendable. Those corner outfielders would be Scott Schebler and Jesse Winker.