Ryan O’Reilly: ‘We have to be better in front of’ Jake Allen

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Ryan O'Reilly after the Blues' loss to the Blackhawks: "You've got a lead, you've got to be smart. ... Everyone's got to be thinking defense first."

[ICE CRACKLING] - Ryan, you just got off to a great start. Take us from there, in terms of what happened in the second, before you guys were able to get back into things in the third.

- You know, we got caught watching, it kind of got away from our game plan a bit. You see, you know, with the start we had, we were-- we were really getting pucks down low, below their goal line, and being heavy, and you know, we seemed to create. Then the second period, giving them credit, they made a push. But still, we were-- you know, we could have played-- could have made better plays, and just got back and you know, played a little smarter. And we got away from it and came back to hurt us.

JOURNALIST: It's a see-saw affair. What could you guys have done, maybe a little better, to protect the lead tonight?

- You know, it's a tough one. I was out there for the last one, and tried to join the-- join the rush. And you know, we got to think defense there. You know, you got to lead. You got to be smart. And you know, it's a mistake.

You know, I, myself, have to be better. But you know, just being-- just pulling the puck, you know? Make sure we got one day going hard. And everyone's got to be thinking defense first. And then it just-- yeah, it hurt us tonight.

JOURNALIST: The power play, certainly looking much better tonight.

- Yeah, we did some good things. You know, it's-- you know, the game is there for us. We had so many chances there at that last one. You know, the full two minutes, we were getting good looks, we're shooting it. We're getting it back. It's-- it's what you want.

But you just want results, you know? It's the motion we want. And you know, having the puck, and getting things to the net, but you want to get something in, especially in a crucial time like that, the game was there for us.

JOURNALIST: Happy with the way your goaltender rebounded here tonight.

- Yeah, he played tonight. He gave us a great chance. He made some huge stops, especially when, you know, we opened the door a bit. And we're making mistakes, he's stood on his head for us. And you know, we have to be better in front of him. You know, we can't-- we can't rely on him every night. We got to be smarter and better that way.