FOX NFL crew break down Week 4 Cowboys, Bengals

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The FOX NFL crew dissect the Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions matchup as well as the Cincinnati Bengals vs Atlanta Falcons match during week 4 of the 2018 NFL season.

- All right, we have two games that went down to finish, that Dallas game against Detroit and the Atlanta one against Cincinnati. I want to go back to the Dallas game first because there was so many question marks about this offense, about Dak Prescott. I don't know if they answered them today, but they came through in the end because of Ezekiel Elliott.

- Well and that's the key. I think everything in that offense runs through Zeke. You know, 25 carries, 152 yards, four for 88 through the air and the big catch on the final drive to set up the go-ahead score. And everything works better. The protection's better, Dak's better, the defense is better. He makes everyone better. He's a dominant player.

- And if you look at it, what that does, he's had five games in a row. Five games in a row without passing over 200 yards. Today, Ezekiel gets off. He goes over the 200 yard mark. There is a formula for success out there in Dallas.

- Michael, let's get back to that Cincinnati Atlanta contest.

- Oh boy, guess TB said he had to, you know, with a young man Ezekiel apologize for a blowing in her face when I passed out. And Terry came over and--

TERRY BRADSHAW: I faked you back!

- You faked giving me mouth-to-mouth a little too close for me. I felt the breath.

- Because you took Atlanta in the pre-game show in your picks.

- I took Atlanta in the game show. I've really, I've got to say for Cincinnati to go into Atlanta, play the way they played, but this Atlanta team that you just don't know. You give you something, you get excited about them, and the next thing you know next week, you go right back to the bottom of the barrel. So I think for Atlanta, you know, watching these guys put up that many points and not being able to hold somebody off within that time frame, you put up 30 something points, you're supposed to win the game.

- But Atlanta's also missing three of their guys in the secondary, plus they're leading tackler linebacker. Is this a point where you start seeing the injuries catch up to them?

- Yes, and I think it's a defense that is built to play with the lead, built to complement that offense. And that often certainly has been dynamic, but it's not a defense that's built for them.

- This is a game of scoring. We need to get used to it. It's always going to be in the 40s. 40 this, 40 that. I mean, that's the way our league is designed now, and if you have a somewhat good defense, you might be able to go to the Super Bowl and win it. That's just the way this game is set up.

- If you look at it now, even the Thursday night game with two great defenses, Minnesota's defense, the Rams defense, a lot of points in these games. So these offenses are really, really playing well.

- One other big injury though in that game, Tyler Eifert, goes out for Cincinnati. Their big tight end. That looks like a definitely a season-ender. You know, and that's a team, Tony, that maybe people need to start give a little bit of love to, Cincinnati.

- They do. You know, I was with you, we went out there during the preseason, got to see them play up in Buffalo, and they looked really good, especially on the defensive side of the ball. Really, offensively. Andy Dalton is a good quarterback. And they got AJ Green, one of the best in the business. You saw his play and the impact he had at the end of that game to win the game for them. Once Mixon gets healthy, he didn't play today, the running back, when he's running and those legs are churning to go along with Andy Dalton and that offensive attack, they can win some games. This is a good football team and I think we have slept on them.