Craig Minervini catches up with Evander Holyfield at Marlins game

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FOX Sports Florida's Craig Minervini ventured into the stands to catch up with boxing champion Evander Holyfield during the Miami Marlins game on Monday night.

- Evander Holyfield, a four-time-- the only four-time world heavyweight champion. Evander, first of all, great to see you're a Florida resident, a little baseball in your blood. Did you ever play baseball?

- Well, I played, but I just wasn't good. I could run fast, but couldn't hit the ball.

- But you enjoy watching it?

- Oh, I love it.

- Tell me about some of the great moments. We were just talking off camera. I was at the fight against Tyson. That first fight, you were 25 to 1 earlier. Then, you came by fight time 11 to 1. You never cared about the odds against you.

- Well, the odds, they make no difference. The most important thing is going out there and giving your very best. And I was able to do that and I won.

- Did you dream of this when you were a kid, this-- took to be this successful? Or did you go even beyond your dreams in--

- And that's the same way I came up. My mom didn't have no money, but I had a good attitude and I got a lot of breaks. Because the fact is, people deal with people who have good attitudes.

- With mother's belief, you can go a long way, too-- boxing. Tell me about your connection to the fight world.

- Well, when, you know, of course-- me being the only four-time heavyweight champ of the world-- and so the big thing-- appreciation is giving back. So I'd rather be a promoter and give people opportunity more so than be a trainer and training somebody to be somebody.