Rays LHP Blake Snell frustrated with his fastball against Twins

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Tampa Bay Rays LHP Blake Snell says his fastball was poor tonight and that the Twins were just better than him today.

- Yeah, yeah, the fastball coming in was poor, and that's why that happened. But yeah, it was just that. I mean, they were better than me today. I had to do a better job looking at the fastball in the zone. But doing that, yeah, it would have been a lot better. But frustrating, but I gotta continue to learn and get better.

REPORTER: You always have such high standards for yourself. Can you just kind of forgive yourself for having one uncharacteristic outing like this?

- I don't know forgive. Definitely, like, learn. Definitely-- but we had already watched the video once. I'll watch it again.

There was things that are frustrating, like I was drifting towards the first base side again. Like when I struggled in '16, that was a big-- big reason why-- or '17, that was a big reason why. And then-- so that was frustrating to see that it came back in today's start. I think that had something to do with it.

But, yeah, no, I'm going to learn from it, I'm gonna get better. Got a long time to my next start, so I'm gonna have to think about it, just get better, and come back for whoever I face, if it's Lamar and two of the Yankees next, get ready for them, and-- yeah.

REPORTER: How did you handle the delay, were you in uniform? Were you out there at all?

- No, I was in my uniform. I did everything as if the game was going to start at 7:10. And then when they said it was going to start at 7:50 and then 8:30, then 9:10, continue to just stay loose. But going through that, it helped me learn on what I-- what I felt today, what do you do to make sure I feel normal. Felt a little off but not a lot.

I mean, it was more so just my mentality in the game, not correcting the drifting, not correcting-- throwing fastballs in the zone. It was a lot of just me making mental errors and not correcting it as fast as I should have. And, no, they capitalized. I mean, they got three runs in three innings, and my pitch count was up due to just lack of command.

And, yeah, I'm gonna have to clean that up. I'm gonna have to get better. I'm looking forward to it. I mean, because they're the starts I need to learn from most, so they're going to happen, and I've gotta go, approach it head-on and clean it up and get ready for my next one.

REPORTER 2: Did you understand why he took you out?

- No, but I understand why, like I was terrible today, so I can't-- I have nothing to say. I mean, I understand why he took me out. I wasn't in the zone. I was-- I mean, it just wasn't good a good start.

REPORTER: You mentioned mental errors, so it had nothing to do with mechanics at all?

- No. The mechanics were me drifting. My mental error is me not correcting that I'm drifting. But I'm gonna look at it again tonight, and probably look at it more. I mean, we'll see. I'll clean it up and get ready for my next one.

REPORTER: At what point did you guys realize the drifting thing was happening?

- I realized it after the fact, honestly.


- After I was done in the third. I noticed it, but I didn't-- I didn't really understand it until I was done in the third and I looked at video, it's the first thing, and I could see it. I mean, it was pretty clear, so for me not to be able to correct it right then and there is frustrating for me because that was a big thing that I focused on last year on cleaning up, so it should have been pretty-- pretty easy for me clean up right then and there.