Alex Killorn: It is going to take hard work to dig out of this hole

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Tampa Bay Lightning forward Alex Killorn says hard work will be the key for the Bolts as they try to climb out of a 2-0 hole in the Eastern Conference Final after dropping Game 2 on Sunday night.


ALEX KILLORN: I mean, you never expect that to think, coming into the series, you have confidence, momentum from the series before. And you know I think we've dug ourselves into a pretty big hole. And I think it's time to take a look in the mirror. It's going to come with hard work, it's not [INAUDIBLE] that it's going to be given to us. So I think we got to up our work.

- You guys are so good five on five in the series against Boston. It kind of hasn't been there. Is that just part of that hard work that you've talked about?

ALEX KILLORN: Well, it's hard work, but I think you know, we'll give them some credit too. They've been doing a good job through the neutral zone, getting a lot of speed. We've kind of had-- I think we have to have better gaps on them coming through the neutral zone. They're getting zone entry maybe a little too easily.

- Andrei Vasilevski has been in this situation before, in terms of being in a conference final. But how do you kind of keep him up, and make sure he's ready for the next one?

ALEX KILLORN: He's fine, we don't have to do anything. I think Vassey's going to be ready. He's one of those guys that gets so into these games, he's so emotional, that it doesn't take much. But I think for him it's going to be quick turnaround. He's been in these situations before and we know he's going to be there for us next game.

- History says that down two is not on your side. What do you need to do better on the road, can that help to kind of get on the road and get away for a few days?

ALEX KILLORN: Maybe. One of the nice things about playing on a road is that it seems like it's a lot more simple hockey. That's something we might have to get to also, but I thing tonight our first period was great. We just have to keep building. They did a good job, but we have to maintain that intensity throughout the whole game.

- Is there a way you describe how gut-wrenching a couple of these end of the periods have been? Both in Game 1, and then tonight with two goals in the final minute of the second?

ALEX KILLORN: It's tough. Those are-- they're kind of deflating in a sense. We've got to be better at the end of periods. The one tonight, the power play-- I don't want to say it's a lucky goal, but it's one of those where you just throwing it at the net, hoping it hits something. And it goes. And it's deflating for us, but still we're in a position where when we're down, we can come back. We just didn't bring it.

- [INAUDIBLE] How is that happening?

ALEX KILLORN: I'm not sure. I think we'll have to go watch the video. You know, Washington is obviously doing some good things. And I think we're going to have to make some adjustments going forward, just to slow them down a little bit. It seems like they've been playing with a lot. Typically when we're playing well, we have the puck most of the time. A lot of these opportunities, offensive zone wise, we have to create more for ourselves. Whether it's first chance or second chance opportunities, they're just not there.

- Cooper mentioned you guys were playing maybe a little more tentative this series, and you saw the first couple. I mean, do you see that too in some way? Do you not have that same confidence?

ALEX KILLORN: I don't know. I mean, I think when you go down in a couple of these games you try to keep it simple. Maybe the confidence isn't there. But you know, this game we started well. A couple of power play goals, those guys seemed like they were playing really well. So I don't know about that.

- Alex, you guys have been in this position before, with your backs against the wall. Is this a time where experience really comes into play, going up to DC, down two nothing?

ALEX KILLORN: Yeah. I mean, Washington was in the same situation against Columbus, right? But apart from that, we've got an experienced group in this locker room, guys that have been through these situations before. We just kind of have to forget what's happened. I mean, we're going to use it, we're going to try to get better, but emotionally we have to detach ourselves from these past two games.

- What'll you have to do differently for Vasilevskiy? He's facing a lot of rushes.

ALEX KILLORN: Yeah, so that's what I talked about before. Through the neutral zone, we have to do a better job slowing them down. Especially players like Kuznetsov. Once he starts wheeling around against the puck, it's tough to defend against that. It's tough for our D to gap up against that. So we just have to help our D by getting better gaps on the forwards.