Saquon Barkley hurdles a defender after trick play as No. 14 Penn State roars past Rutgers

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Led by Trace McSorley's 2 TDs in the air and one on the ground, Saquon Barkley and the No. 14 Penn State Nittany Lions roar past the Rutgers Scarlet Knights 35-6.

KEVIN: Here's McSorley. And McSorley on his way in for the touchdown.


- Good read by Chase McSorley.

KEVIN: From the 22 play action again. McSorley to the end-- McSorley to the end zone. Touchdown, DaeSean Hamilton.



- Kevin, I want you to watch this footwork. It doesn't get any better than this. Gonna set-- Watch that front--

KEVIN: Third down. Quick toss, then the flip to Barkley. Barkley with a little trickery into the air. And Barkley, down to the one.

- Saquon has no regard for his body. He-- He will just jump over everybody. Hey, flip that thing back to watch this. He sees the end zone, he wants in.

KEVIN: Kiy Hester on the bottom end--

Barkley again, this time in for the touchdown.


Now it's second and one, Barkley to keep, Barkley in the end zone, Barkley with a touchdown.


- Let's see if he gets in-- Let's see if that knee's not down before that ball crosses the plane. He--

Mr. Football, Mr. This, Mr. That.

KEVIN: Nice catch on the pitch by Saquon. Boy, that turned something into nothing. That was really nice. I mean, that's not going to show up as a big run in the stat sheet, but what a catch on that pitch.

- He is, look--

KEVIN: Visiting the 10 for a moment. McSorley. Wide open Gesicki. He'll walk in for the touchdown.



- How do you not account for Gesicki? They missed him or something, I don't know.