Greg Oden shares his thoughts about returning to Ohio State as a student coach

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Greg Oden talks about his experience of returning to Ohio State as a student coach.

ROB STONE: After one extraordinary season at the Ohio State, Greg Oden became the NBA's number 1 draft pick back in 2007. But his career was cut short after struggles with injuries, and he's sadly regarded as one of the biggest busts in NBA history. But Oden has forged a new beginning in Columbus, as a sports industry major, and a student coach for the Buckeyes. The seven footer isn't letting the past define his future.

GREG ODEN: This is my life, and this is the only road I know.

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Save your breath my brother.

GREG ODEN: All I can do is be me. I'm comfortable in my skin.

You don't know me like you used to.

GREG ODEN: How you look at me doesn't concern me. How I look at myself, that's what concerns me.

And I won't stop, and this won't make me.

GREG ODEN: Not lot of students remember me, or know who I am. I come in, I go straight to class, and I go home.

Don't tell me I'm not ready.

GREG ODEN: It's important for me to come back to get my education, because I promised my mom that I was going to do it. I'm older. I'm not taking advantage of campus as much as I did when I was 18 years old. Coming back to school at this age, I want to learn this stuff. I want to get as much knowledge about this industry that I can. I want to soak it all up, so that when that time does come for me to get that job, I can be well prepared.

But you can do a kindness, and look me in the eyes. My soul's resurrected.

GREG ODEN: I still got basketball mentality, so when I come out here and play with the young guys, I try to dominate them as much as I can. It's very fulfilling coming back, and being around kids who have that dream of playing that next level. I've done it. I was the number one pick. That amount of expectation is definitely tough. I've been through some things, and kind of figured out how to get my mind right. All you can do is take every event, and try to be better from it. I feel like my experience can help these kids become young men.

The course that you have set for me. The shadows your crossed over me.

GREG ODEN: There's a lot of memories on this court.

ANNOUNCER: This is a guy that's still finding his way.

GREG ODEN: There's a lot of history here.

ANNOUNCER: You cannot try to shoot over Greg Oden.

GREG ODEN: And a lot of buckets.

I look for what's coming, and they best be ready too.

GREG ODEN: Being here at Ohio State has meant everything to me. At a time that I had no direction in my life, this Ohio State basketball program allowed me to come back to school, and gave me some type of direction. I'm loving to be able to work with these kids around basketball. It makes me smile, and I'm so thankful for this university, and the city for embracing me and allowing me to come back.

Don't tell me I'm not ready.

ROB STONE: Well, good for Oden, good for Ohio State. He's still got the hands. There he is, pre-game in Columbus, getting ready for Illinois, signing some autographs. Remember, back in 07, the debate was who's going to be the number one, was Oden versus Kevin Durant, at the time. You were--

- I was on the Oden, side without question. I thought you could always find a score--

- Brave man to admit that there.

- Yeah, you know, you don't see those bigs that often. He was the next Shaq. So I was caught up in that. But I think it's a great job that Chris Holtmann brought him back, as a part of him being a new coach there. And saying, you know what, this is about tradition, this is about teaching our kids. They can learn a lot from Greg Oden, good and bad. Health, and it's awesome.