St. John’s snaps 11-game skid with upset victory over the No. 4 Duke Blue Devils

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Shamorie Ponds led Chris Mullin's Red Storm with 33 points as St. John's snapped an 11-game skid in their upset victory over the No. 4 Duke Blue Devils.

GUS JOHNSON: --from Delaware. That's a brick. Squirts out. Trent Jr. Count it. His daddy was the Shaq of the MAC--

JIM JACKSON: And I grew up--

GUS JOHNSON: --a former teammate--

JIM JACKSON: --can't allow them to kind of get on these 4-0, 6-0, 10-0, runs. Get a bit of a response.

GUS JOHNSON: Bagley. And that's what makes him so special, Jimmy Jackson.

JIM JACKSON: --in the game. Eight out of their last 11 games that they lost, Gus, they lost by 7 points or less.

GUS JOHNSON: And a steal-- Bashir. Ponds up top. Count it. Don't let this young man get warm. He can score points in bunches.

Bagley trying to create space. No call. Good defense by Tariq Owens. Red Storm on the move. To the bucket, Simon gliding in.

--driving, lobbing. Bagley snapped it down, pounds it in. This kid is so--

And a steal. Here comes Ponds. He's got Simon trailing. Ponds to the hole. Left hand goes down.

JIM JACKSON: Good anticipation that time, understanding--

GUS JOHNSON: Ahmed spinning. Knocked away. Trent Jr. to the bucket.

--game. Inside, Owens. Oh, what a nice play. He didn't bring it down.

Ponds to the hole, up and in with the left hand.

--top. Duval down the lane. A floater rims off, but ball didn't--

Ponds-- shake and bake to the cup, and Brooklyn style, folks.

JIM JACKSON: That's Brooklyn style. I mean, that time--

--to the move by Ponds.

GUS JOHNSON: Ponds. Oh my goodness. And St. John's-- the Red Storm rising at the Garden. First lead of the game.

JIM JACKSON: --over the top.

GUS JOHNSON: Ponds turns the corner. The lob-- oh! Owens with the pound down! And St. John's--

Baseline, Ahmed deep. Bang.

Baseline, Bashir. Now, he drives. He puts it up. Count it! Bashir Ahmed.

JIM JACKSON: But now, you attack on the baseline. Carter unable to get there. His--

GUS JOHNSON: Here's Bagley. 20-footer.

JIM JACKSON: --transition basket.

GUS JOHNSON: Ponds driving, scooping, and hitting!

Kicks it out. Deep-- oh my goodness, Ahmed.

JIM JACKSON: Well, again, not panicking under pressure.

GUS JOHNSON: Ponds-- double-team-- picks it up again. To the cup. Oh my goodness! Count it, and the foul. That's one of the best plays you'll ever see! Shamorie Ponds.

--jump shot. Cross court, Ahmed, on the hop, banks it in. Bashir Ahmed has been brilliant. He had 6 at halftime. He has 17 now.

Trimble. Inside, Owens almost traveled, gets it up and in. What a beautiful pass by Trimble.

JIM JACKSON: What a pass, but what control that time by Owens to not drag his pivot foot, which would cause a turnover.

GUS JOHNSON: Duval-- and the freshman knocks down a huge 3-pointer.

JIM JACKSON: Coach Mullin wanted that isolation up top.

GUS JOHNSON: Duval double pumps straight to the bucket.

--Grayson Allen. Allen looking. Back to Duval. Baseline, Carter-- jump hook.

JIM JACKSON: Big fella.

GUS JOHNSON: Getting busy right now.

Teardrop. Oh, Shamorie--

Duval to the hole, up and in.

Duval turns. Reverse, and it's good. This kid is growing in front of our eyes.

--surveying. And he throws it away. Bagley picks it up. Trent-- rise and fire 3. Big time bucket! Gary Trent with 20. And--

Here's Ponds driving. Off the glass and in. And the Red Storm's back up.

Ponds-- 5 to shoot-- lets it fly. Oh! Shamorie Ponds!

6 seconds to go. Grayson Allen-- and he answers.


GUS JOHNSON: What a game!

Duval driving. Knocked out of his hands. Allen lets it go. Off the back rim, no. 3 seconds, 2.7 seconds, and a foul. Can you believe this? St. John's 2.7 seconds away from shaking off the Demons. Coach Carnesecca on his feet. Owens at the line.

Duval-- 2 seconds. Duval. And it's over! St. John's! They shock the nation! Chris Mullin and the Red Storm beat the number-four ranked Duke Blue Devils, 81 to 77. Ponds with 33. And the Red Storm put that 11-game losing streak to bed.

- Thank you so much. Can you say wow with a capital W? I mean, everybody here is impressed at what we saw out of your players today. People at home are no doubt impressed. What's impressed you most with the way that they played here today?

- Well, just their perseverance. We've been playing pretty well. I mean, I've been telling them that. It's hard to get that positive reinforcement when you don't come out with wins. But even statistically, we've been in two-possession games virtually the whole month of January. So I'm really proud that they not only believed in that, but believe in each other. And yeah, it was a big win. We needed it so bad. Yeah, so perseverance is what it's all about.

- I think you may have worn out a path in the court where you were standing during that last minute just walking back and forth. You've been through so many games, but when you see your guys-- all the issues that they've had this season, everything that they've been through-- what was the last minute like for you?

- Well, it was almost like deja vu. Because we missed a few free throws. You know, we were in position where I like to foul in that position. But it's a dangerous proposition when guys are in transition. So I'm just glad Tariq made that free throw at the end there. We didn't have to make that decision.

- Such a big game. It had like a March feeling. We're here honoring Howard Garfinkel. What do you think he would say about the way that this went down today?

- Oh, he'd have loved it. Just to be in the arena here tonight, Garf would have loved this game. Coach K is one of my favorites and one of his favorites. We go way back. Coach K recruited me out of high school, so we got a long great relationship. And he's nothing but respect and class.

- Congratulations.

- Thank you.