FS1 goes All-Access with Providence and DePaul college hoops

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Go into the huddle with two of college basketball's premiere programs as Providence takes on DePaul.

- This is the most you're going to hear from us at any point tonight. We've got both coaches miked up, Joe Davis, Len Elmore. Nothing like this before, we're going to have no commercials, we're going to go inside the huddles, we'll be in the locker rooms at halftime, should be awesome.

- Well, viewers can't get any closer access than this. You know, we're talking about first hand exposure to strategy, tactics, even motivation by the coaches. And when you think about that, we'll try to translate and interpret what you hear and see. But this is the best thing next to him wearing a uni. Now, what's at stake here for Providence? Two and two in the Big East, a chance to steal a road win before two big home games, one against Butler, and maybe another revenge opportunity against Creighton, who's at the head of the class in the Big East right now.

- High head! High head! Weak side!

- Moritz anticipates the pass. He's off to a good start with all six for the Blue Demons.

- Three in a row.

Give me 1. Give me 1. Give me 1.

- Which way is McCallum going? Come on. Small things we talked about, small things. You got McCallum-- whatever the hell his name is, what's his name? Strus.

- Strus. Who's got Strus.



- OK, you got him. OK, all right, well say it with a personality-- Coach, I got him.


ANNOUNCER 1: Jackson again, went half way down and popped out.

- Go, go! Go, Eli, go!

- Hey, he can't play with the net.

ANNOUNCER 1: Strus, for three-- got it.

- He can't play with the net.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ed Cooley has a point, that rim was shaken.

- --play the ball. Come on, let's go!

ANNOUNCER 2: Somebody grabbed the net and had the backboard moving.

- Steal. One, one, one!

ANNOUNCER 1: On Moritz, into Watson-- Watson, a little tougher that time after Ed Cooley implored him previously.

- Max!


--that's one of Ed Cooley's favorite players. He had him a long time and he gives Providence it's first double digit lead of the day.

ANNOUNCER 2: Last four games, Cartwright, averaging 18 points, eight assists.

- Hey, you got to tell me what happened to our execution. What does that mean? It means they get a rebound and you're staring at the guy's goes to sprint back. It means you're in half gear. Everybody, they killing us in transition defense and they killing us in threes because we're stuck in the mud.

- Come on.

- Let's go.

ANNOUNCER 1: So speedy, goes end to end, it's knocked away by McCallum and saved in-bounds.

- Lot of contact-- get there! Get there! Travel!

ANNOUNCER 1: Max Strus feeds it off to Peter Ryckbosch, his first game in a long time.

- That's the end of the deal. Don't come out, tap everybody's hand, do what we do and accept coaching. If you don't want that, then don't play. But be accountable when you're on the floor, definitely be accountable. We gave up one three, not bad. But we can't give up 26 points to a team in the paint and only have six points ourselves, not with the physical bodies we got. That's unacceptable. Now we got 20 minutes, that's a lot of time.

- On the second half, this is a tough man's ballgame. Both coaches are complaining because both teams are hitting people, OK? You're getting hit, all right, and they ain't give it. So you know what, you just got to play through it, you just got to play through it. But for 20 more minutes, we probably gave away eight of those minutes. We probably gave away eight and we caught a rhythm and we got it back. So don't give it back up. We can't afford to give away two more minutes [INAUDIBLE].

ANNOUNCER 1: It's kind of a bold statement there from Dave Leitao.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'll tell you what though, we got to tip your hat to the officials.

ANNOUNCER 1: A back door lob to start the second half to Tre McCallum.

So this is what Ed Cooley draws up out of the timeout. Isaiah Jackson bounces for Buller. David Ikoralla--

- No foul?

ANNOUNCER 1: --couldn't quite roll it over the rim. But Biano grabbed it and will have a chance at three.

- That's where they're living. That's where they're living.

- You want to pressure right here one time or no?

ANNOUNCER 2: Dave Leitao said that's where Providence is living, at least in this half.

ANNOUNCER 1: Strus, a spin move in traffic--

- What the hell is that?

- Jaylen-- Jaylen coming.

ANNOUNCER 1: Lindsay steps inside the arc. The wheels have fallen off for DePaul, a 17 all Providence run in the blink of an eye.

- Hey, be tougher! Be tougher! Shrink the floor more.

- Oh, this is a bad match-up, bad match-up.

- Drive it. Pull it up.

- Bullock-- too easy.

ANNOUNCER 2: Ed Cooley said it was a bad match-up in his favor.

- Kane, a clean look--

- Get it!

- Shoot it! Shoot it!

ANNOUNCER 1: Strus, a second opportunity for DePaul-- a third try.

- What happened to-- Kane? It's Kane's turn.

It's Kane again. Third time's the charm, and a six point game with two minutes left.

- Move it! Move it!

ANNOUNCER 1: Strus-- bucket!

- That's a--


ANNOUNCER 2: How about better late than never?


- Timeout.

- That's a foul! Jumped right into him.

- Come here, come here, come here.

ANNOUNCER 1: Three second differential in game and shot, Strus, for the tie--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh boy, oh boy.

ANNOUNCER 1: And now they don't get back and Rodney Bullock will stuff it home.

- Hey, hammer! Hammer! Hammer! Hammer!

ANNOUNCER 1: Kane, back the other way-- rebounded by Providence. And with 7.9, they're a good free-throw shooting away from getting out of this one with a victory.



- Take care, all right?


- How many times I blow the whistle yesterday for great possession when I knew that ball was going in? All right, a lot. Could I have blown that whistle Today Couldn't blow that whistle today. Could not blow that whistle, so it only makes sense that you guys understand-- so yeah, it's emotional. Yeah, shoot, you have a chance with-- but it's really simple, guys, really simple. It's really simple. When we don't execute, we open the door because now-- all of a sudden now we got to talk about transition defense, we got to talk about not talking on defensive, we got to talk all-- but it all starts when we have way too-- I bet you, by percent, we might maybe write the same. We would like 30-- 35%, I say, boy, that's a good possession. That's a good possession. And that go down the line to everybody. It could be a freshmen that don't know better, it could be a guy that's played.

When you guys decide that you want to play good basketball, it looks as good as anything. You guys decide that, you know what, I'm going to just take my man off the dribble. And with five guys standing in front of me, we're not a very good team. And you guys continually prove that to yourselves. And it's really simple. So it's not a emotion. It's not anything. It's that you believe when it's time to believe. And we don't want to believe, you don't believe.

- Game changed with a lot of movement. We talked about it. We talked about it. We got a little bit tired. And that situation there, though, from a teaching standpoint, when he had it at half-court, I was trying to get somebody's attention. We had three team fouls. Just go, smack, you know what I mean? They could have never got the lay-up on the offensive rebound, just something to remember.

But moving forward, great team win. Right? I thought we were resilient. We had like a six minute stretch where our guys did a really good job. The ball moved. I thought-- I loved you in your warm-up today. I liked your pace. I liked your rhythm. I thought, in the second half, you played better, you played better and we shrank it because we were playing well. And I thought our bench was great. When they call the timeout and the whole bench got up, that was energy, that was enthusiasm and it was really good. I thought it was a good team win. Any time you get a chance to win on a road, right-- is this your first time actually playing, because you've been sick two years in a row, right?

PLAYER: Mm-hmm, since freshman year.

- Congratulations, man. Congratulations.

PLAYER: Appreciate it

- Yep, congratulations. Going home, we got a quick turn around, a great Butler team that won by double figures today over Marquette. But this is part of the journey where we got to enjoy it, man. This is a good team win, good team win. Who's better than us?

ALL: Nobody!

- Who's better than us?

ALL: Nobody!

- I love you guys. Great job.