Oregon upsets No. 11 Arizona State 76-72

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The Ducks stun the 11th ranked Sun Devils at home 76-72. Payton Pritchard hit a pair of free throws late to ice it. Oregon improves to 12-5 overall.

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANNOUNCER 1: --to Mitchell. Deflected-- Give and go, one hand hammer!

5 to shoot. Stripped--

Justice-- the kick. Holder, wide open in the

Midway through the first. Back door, Elijah Brown with two hands.

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, I love the play. It was set up. That time, Pritchard with Elijah Brown, had eye contact, They knew exactly what they want to do.

And that's just a settle.

ANNOUNCER 1: Holder, the floater.

ANNOUNCER 2: And, see, long jump shots, long rebounds, now you're out manned. Arizona State taking advantage of them.

ANNOUNCER 1: Timeout called, Dana Altman. 11-0 Sun Devils run.

ANNOUNCER 2: I'm reliving my early league days with the Dallas Mavericks.

ANNOUNCER 1: Watch out. MiKyle McIntosh with one hand.

ANNOUNCER 2: Again, another basket in the paint.

ANNOUNCER 1: 4 to shoot for Pritchard. Elijah Brown better put it up.


Splash! Got it! Wow! What a flurry for the Oregon Ducks.

Good ball movement. Under 10 to shoot. Pritchard gets rid of a 3. How about that?

ANNOUNCER 2: This is the best that I've seen with this Oregon team.

--the assist. 13 right now, with 17 made field goals for the Ducks.

ANNOUNCER 1: Kodi Justice over Troy Brown. That's his third 3-ball.

ANNOUNCER 2: --he's doing right now, especially off the dribble drive penetration.

ANNOUNCER 1: Evans, left open. A 3 on the other end.

We do know this, James Harden has made a good friend here tonight, signing some autographs. He got his picture taken with this young man earlier in the first half. So he's making a buddy. Well, hey, tomorrow night, FS1 proudly presents, for the first time ever, a men's all access game. Providence coach-- there it is. It's all business.

Our first look at the Curtain of Distraction tonight. Doesn't matter to Sorkin.

ANNOUNCER 2: --able just to spin baseline and kiss it off the glass.

ANNOUNCER 1: Well, here comes the first points for Troy Brown. 7-0 Ducks run.

ANNOUNCER 2: That time Arizona State was able to push the Oregon offense out further than they wanted to. Excellent pass.

ANNOUNCER 1: Fouled. Count it.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, let me give Oregon credit. One of the things Coach Dana Altman wanted to do was take away a lot of transition 3's. They've done an excellent job of being in the right place.

ANNOUNCER 1: White-- hang time near the finish! What a big bucket.

Evans-- [INAUDIBLE] Oh! A jam up top, De'Quon Lake.

Shift fake by Justice. High teardrop. You like that?

ANNOUNCER 2: It's a shot that they shoot all the time. I didn't like this.

ANNOUNCER 1: Oh my goodness, Elijah Brown!

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, I didn't like that because Arizona State, they watched. Too much time. Too much time.

ANNOUNCER 1: Evans, tough fadeaway 3. Wow! [INAUDIBLE] hit it! Wow. Wow.

Under 10 seconds. Evans puts up an impossible 3. Stripped underneath, time dwindling. What an incredible win for Oregon. The Ducks take down the Devils here in Tempe. And the number 11 team in the country, drops to 1 and 3 in conference play.

- What we-- really disappointed in the way we've been playing. And, you know, the guys really had a good week of practice and our ball movement was much better tonight. Guys thinking about making plays. I don't know how many assists we ended up with, but I think we had 12 at half time. And in our three conference games, we weren't even averaging 10 a game.