No. 25 Creighton’s hot shooting leads them to 85-74 win over Butler

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Creighton wins their 4th straight Big East game by beating Butler 85-74 in Omaha.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Krampelj sets the pick. Mintz, into the corner. Extra pass. Foster, the corner 3. Got it.

NICK BAHE: That's just the unselfish extra pass mindset.

Here you can be a little aggressive. Early in the box. See if you can find one.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Sean McDermott has checked in. Jorgensen to the hoop. Puts it off the glass. It ties this game up at 7. A really good answer by the Butler Bulldogs.

NICK BAHE: No doubt.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Hegner for 3. A foul. Count it!

ANNOUNCER: --by Toby Hegner.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Krampelj is the one who drew the foul. And McDermott pushed Krampelj as Krampelj tried to set the screen.

Foster all the way to the hoop.

ANNOUNCER: Marcus Foster.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: And a timeout taken here by the Bulldogs.

ANNOUNCER: 30-second timeout for the Bulldogs.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Harrell. Good job coming to the-- jump stop, the dunk by Khyri Thomas. Woo!

Kelan Martin cut off along the baseline. Khyri Thomas takes it away. Up ahead, Harrell. Foster wants the alley-oop!

ANNOUNCER: Marcus Foster.

NICK BAHE: Erased a 15-point deficit against Ohio State, won. Erased a 20-point deficit at Georgetown, won. Butler can come back.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Foster cutting on the back line against that zone. And he has 19 points.

13 now for Kamar Baldwin.

NICK BAHE: Butler's fighting now. There wasn't a lot of fight in that first half.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Alley-oop for Krampelj.

ANNOUNCER: Martin Krampelj.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Martin Krampelj now with a double-double. His third straight double-double.

Marcus Foster finds Hegner. A really nice find by Marcus Foster.

Martin facing a double team. He doesn't care. And he gets the roll. 6-point ballgame.

NICK BAHE: Foster in the post. There you go.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: Foster. His first points of the second half. Just his fourth field goal attempt of the half.

Baldwin for 3. Comes out to Jorgensen. Off the glass. No. Loose ball. Foster has it. Leaves it for Krampelj. And the finish!

ANNOUNCER: Martin Krampelj.

JUSTIN KUTCHER: 85-74. That is the final here in Omaha. The Blue Jays move to 11 and 0 at home, have won four in a row, as the Bulldogs fall to 12 and 6, 2 and 3 in conference play.

For Nick Bahe, I'm Justin Kutcher saying so long from Omaha. Now let's get you to the FS1 College Hoops Extra. Here's Kevin Burkhardt.