No.14 Minnesota takes care of Providence 86-74

Jordan Murphy's double-double helps Minnesota take down Providence 86-74

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- Of the leader, Macgruber. This is a Minnesota offense that doesn't necessarily have off guards and points. It's just a three guard set, and a beautiful runner right there, Bill, by Nate Mason. He had a top 15 recruiting pass last year.

- Nice pass.

- Lynch with the dunk.

- How about that look? That's your 6' 9", 6' 10" making the delivery there.

- Off the back rim, Lynch. Quickly retrieves it into Mason's hands.

- Yeah, they really look-- a tough shot there. No, he can do it.

- Nothing but nylon.

- What a start. On the road, you got to feel good.

- Lindsey comes down with the rebound for the Friars.

- Gotta get Cruffey going right. They don't get back--

- [INAUDIBLE] run the floor. The big guy can really run the floor.

- Got a trail man.

- Yeah. On the wing, Jackson for three!

- Interesting. They played Diallo, left the baseline jumper open.

- They're getting the full brunt of Providence's home court advantage. Lindsey, a rainbow! Oh! Icicles coming down! Since Steve Sheer is not here, and we wish them all of the best. He fell ill, our lead producer, PT Navarro makes his home here [INAUDIBLE]. And he puts it in!

- The inside screen again, that little flex cut.

- [INAUDIBLE] Blow by Murphy! Counted and a foul.

- He knows. They got him outside where he could dribble drive. A tough match up for the bigs. That time, a disadvantage for Young. Jackson had him for a second. This kid, explosive with some strength.

- Gives Murphy an opportunity to rest. He's been all out. Coffey. Big, big. Lindsey saved it, to put the wrong guy. And he's got caffeine dunk. Minnesota had scored on their last 12 trips prior to that miss.

- Double high. Not a bad pass. McBrayer! Oh, that was a reed set up easily.

- Welcome to Providence. You love this town, don't you?

- I do now. They weren't very nice to me. I'm an alum. But that was a great win. I mean, we just showed great poise and toughness at the end. Jordan Murphy was ridiculous. Nate Mason just showed great heart. Amir Coffey made some big plays. I challenged our guys to come together. If you want to get a tough road win, you've got to come together and they did.

- Jordan, you mentioned. I mean, just sensational the way he played. He's got that point forward mentality as well. He really can run the team for you on occasion.

- He's got a good touch. You know, he's really worked very hard to develop that. You know? And it's just been hours upon hours in the gym. And he's got that little spin move touch off the glass. He's kind of that hybrid forward, like you said. I mean, he's put in the time. And he's reaping the rewards of it. So I'm proud of him.

- And you have a little rookie, I think, that's going to come along as he gets a better feel for the game, huh?

- He's pretty good. You know, he's making me make decisions. That's when you've got a good team. You've got multiple options. So I went with the veterans, obviously, on the road. They came through. But I thing Isaiah is going to be really special.

- You know, we had a little shot of you on the campus today. I'm sure you brought a check for the Friars. I want to thank them on your behalf.

- You know, it's funny. All I said was, I can't see Steve Knapp--he's the fundraising guy. I swear to God, I walked out. He was the first person I saw. So they must have known I was on campus. They alerted somebody.

- I think the family's done a lot for this school. Thank you.

- Thank you.

- Enjoy. Have a great year.

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