Mayweather’s Top 5 of all time: He’s No. 1; Ali’s WHERE?!?!

When the topic of Floyd Mayweather’s place in the pantheon of boxing’s greatest fighters, opinions certainly can vary.

His critics point out that he isn’t all that exciting, he doesn’t finish people but rather wears them out and frustrates them into a decision win, and the fighters of his day are a weak group when compared to some all the all-time great eras.

The pro-Money camp certainly points to the way he manhandled Manny Pacquiao in the long-awaited “Fight of the Century” in May and his championships in multiple divisions. And, when it comes to numbers, Mayweather backers highlight just two:

● 48-0 (his professional record, one win short of the all-time mark for best undefeated record set by Rocky Marciano)

● $300 million (the amount the fighter claims to have made for fighting Pacquiao)

Well, lucky for us, Mayweather recently stopped by ESPN Deportes and gave us his own list of the top five fighters in history . . . and did so in a way only “TBE” (The Best Ever) can.

You may not be surprised by who’s No. 1 (you want “one reason, two reasons or three reasons?”) — but the name missing from the list may stop you in your tracks, and the name sitting at No. 5 may leave you ROTFLMFAO.

Here you go:

1. Floyd Mayweather

2. Roberto Duran

3. Pernell Whitaker

4. Julio Cesar Chavez

5. Muhammad Ali

Yup, no Marciano. And in a list dominated by smaller guys, no Sugar Ray Leonard, no Sugar Ray Robinson.

As for Ali?

“Julio Cesar Chavez was . . . 79-0 before he lost. And he won in different weight classes. Muhammad Ali was only at one weight class. And Ali really lost all three times to Ken Norton. This is me just being honest. It’s so hard, I mean . . . What Ali did was he stood for a cause in an era where African-Americans didn’t stand up for their people and he stood up.”

Of course, Ali was 2-1 against Norton (though all three decisions were met with controversy).

Not sure if you buy what Floyd’s selling? You’ll get one more shot to see him in action.

He has said his Sept. 12 bout against Andre Berto in Las Vegas will be his final as a professional.