WATCH: D-backs club 4 home runs to beat Mets

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David Peralta homered twice and Paul Goldschmidt and Jake Lamb left the yard once each as the Diamondbacks took the series open from New York.

- But Bob--

- Let's talk about the homers.

- Thank you. Take it away, Bob. What happened here tonight? Paul Goldschmidt got the home parade started for the Diamondbacks, a towering blast to left field, tying the ballgame up after the Mets had taken an early lead. I mean, Vargas just kept throwing fastball, after fastball.

Threw a couple of changeups there early, but then came back fastballs Goldie right in the middle of the plate way. And man, 87 inside corner, that's going to happen an awful lot if you make that pitch to Paul Goldschmidt.

ANNOUNCER 1: As you said, Bob, he did what he was supposed to do on a 3-1 pitch, right?

BOB BRENLY: Absolutely, and David Peralta, you know, we just talked-- JD just talked to Jody, rather, and I like the home run to center field. That tells me that David is staying on the ball. The pitch was on the outer third of the plate. He didn't try to pull it

He stayed right on it. And then in the eighth inning, he gets a pitch he can pull, 97 on the inside part of the plate. Absolutely murdered it to right field.

ANNOUNCER 1: And then, Brennan, I know you always take this from Jake Lamb, right?

BOB BRENLY: Absolutely. Gets a pitch inside, and didn't know if it had enough length. It definitely had the height. Again, 97 miles an hour Ray. I mean, these guys are getting around on these pitches. Doesn't matter how hard you throw, they're going to get it out of there.