Watch Flynn the Bichon Frise win the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Non-Sporting Group

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Watch Flynn the Bichon Frise win the 2018 Non Herding Group

ANNOUNCER: Bichon Frise, originated in the Mediterranean area, ultimately arriving in France. Name means, small dog with curly hair, giving the appearance of a living powder puff. This high-spirited little fellow is a wonderful companion dog. This is Bichon Frise number 15.

REPORTER 1: And at first glance, you wouldn't guess this, but historically, this dog began to appear back in US post World War One. Soldiers brought them back as pets.

REPORTER 2: They are wonderful pets. And this is Flynn, being handled by Bill McFadden. This is one of the top dogs nationally ranked for 2017. Bill has steered many dogs to be number one. He's won Best in Show at Westminster in 2003, the Kerry Blue Terrier, and the handler makes a big difference.

REPORTER 3: Sure. Especially in a trimming like this. This dog has a very elaborate trim, and Bill is certainly an expert at putting the dogs down, just like the Kerry Blue he won Best in Show with as well.

REPORTER 2: This is Champion Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love.

REPORTER 1: Oldest and rarest breeds, sometimes called the first dog of the Americas.

REPORTER 3: Here we have Mary. She's already ready to make her cut.

REPORTER 2: Making her selection. First the Bichon and the Boston. Tiny Sharpeis out there. Dalmatian gets a large round of applause. Frenchie. [INAUDIBLE]. Standard Poodle is out there.

REPORTER 3: Now we hear the crowd cheering, rooting for their favorites.

REPORTER 2: Oh, Tibetan Terrier and the Showlord.

REPORTER 1: The judge is not influenced, [INAUDIBLE].

JUDGE: Let's take them all around, stop up there for me, please. All the way around, stop up there, please.

REPORTER 1: 21 started tonight in the non-sporting group. We're down to 8. We'll find a group winner here in just a moment.

REPORTER 3: She's not comparing each dog to the other dogs. She's actually comparing the dog to its own individual standard while she's looking at these dogs right now.

REPORTER 2: And she's got a lot of beautiful examples out there. Many of them are top dogs of their breed. She looks like Flynn is being pulled out with Bill McFadden, Kate with Christian Manelopoulas, Vinny, Jorge Olivera, and we'll see who's pulled out fourth, [INAUDIBLE].

REPORTER 3: Oh, here she goes.

JUDGE: Sir, can I see the Bichon, please.

REPORTER 2: Flynn, the Bichon has won the non-sporting group. That's Champion Belle Creek's All I Care About Is Love. Now all his fellow competitors come give him a hug, congratulations. The community of the dog show world is an invaluable part of our score. We compete, but at the end of the day, we're very supportive of each other, very happy for each other.

REPORTER 3: We say a family sport, but we're a family even if we're not related.

REPORTER 2: Absolutely.

REPORTER 3: We see each other every weekend. So whether you're an exhibitor, breeder, or a judge, it doesn't matter.

REPORTER 1: A look back there from Flynn, the Bichon Frise. Our third winner tonight, the winner of the non-sporting group. Only once have we had a Bichon Frise win Best in Show. That was back in 2001. Karen.

- That's correct. But last year we did have one place. But what do you think the difference-maker was this year?

- Well it's always one person's opinion, and can be argued by thousands. But he showed good tonight. This is a hard place to show. There's a lot of noise, a lot of energy. So you just hold on for dear life and hope it works out.

- Well that was my next question. We talked so much about the dogs, what they have to do to prepare for Westminster. For you, the handler, how different is it?

- For me, you just have to kind of go zen, because they'll pick up on any nerves you have. So you just kind of need to take it all inside and not let them know that you're excited or nervous. And sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.

- Well you have some time to relax before tomorrow night. Congratulations, and best of luck tomorrow.

- Thanks very much. Thank you.

- All right, guys, back to you in the booth.

REPORTER 2: What a win by Flynn the Bichon Frise, free to go one more. You don't want to miss it. So much more action coming to you live from Madison Square Garden.