Watch Lucy the Borzoi win the 2018 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Hound Group

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Watch Lucy the Borzoi win the 2018 Hound Group

ANNOUNCER 1: The borzoi was once known as the Russian wolfhound. This sighthound is a courser of immense strength and stamina bred by the Russian aristocracy in the 17th century to hunt wolf in large packs of over 100 or more hounds. Today, they still chase anything that moves. But their intelligence and gentle nature also make them a wonderful companion. This is borzoi, number 22.

ANNOUNCER 2: And that's Lucy, who is five years old. Coming back to Westminster after falling just short a couple of years ago, the 2016 Reserve Best in Show. Hoping to become the first Borzoi to ever win Westminster Best in Show. So a bounce back performance, hopefully. The first borzoi, as we see Lucy.

ANNOUNCER 3: Lucy has also broken the all-time top winning record of Borzoi winning history. And of course, is handled by Valerie Atkinson.

ANNOUNCER 2: The first borzoi came to America brought over from England back in 1889. We'll be keeping a close watch on Lucy.

ANNOUNCER 3: Let's see who it's going to be.

- May I have the borzoi, please.


ANNOUNCER 4: Oh, Lucy's coming out first.

ANNOUNCER 3: --Lucy's being pulled out first.

- Bloodhound. Beagle, sir. And the whippet.

ANNOUNCER 3: There's Schultz, the beagle.

ANNOUNCER 4: And Whiskey, the whippet. Looks like that might be the winners.

- And the winner of the hound group will be the borzoi.


ANNOUNCER 3: There we go.

- Number two, the bloodhound.

ANNOUNCER 3: Lucy does it again.

JEFFREY PEPPER: Number three--

ANNOUNCER 2: Oh, Loosey-goosey.

JEFFREY PEPPER: --the beagle. Number four, the whippet.

ANNOUNCER 4: Bloodhound is second. Beagle is third. Whippet is fourth.

ANNOUNCER 5: A beautiful job done by Mr. Pepper. All lovely dogs.

ANNOUNCER 4: You have a ring full of incredible animals out there. All wonderful examples of their breed. And of course, everyone is just thrilled to show Westminster. To win Best of Breed is an honor. But then to go on to the group and place in the group is a dream come true.

ANNOUNCER 5: Right. And it's good. The borzoi has been there before. So she'll know what she's doing when she gets into Best in Show with all the excitement.

ANNOUNCER 4: And of course, Valerie's been there before.

ANNOUNCER 5: Valerie's been there a few times.

ANNOUNCER 4: Several times. She was also a best junior handler at Westminster.

ANNOUNCER 5: And a Best in Show winner as well with the short hair.

ANNOUNCER 2: That's a great look.

ANNOUNCER 4: Lucy. Now--

ANNOUNCER 2: --one winner.

ANNOUNCER 4: --again, Lucy is the all-time top-winning borzoi in breed history. She was number one in Japan before--

ANNOUNCER 2: So Lucy has--

ANNOUNCER 4: --she came to the US.

ANNOUNCER 2: --no 'splaining to do. Now let's check in with Karyn.

- OK, great. Thank you so much. Well, congratulations. They say when you go to a show, act like you've been here before. You actually have. But how does it feel to be winning the group again this year?

- There's nothing like it in the world. It's Westminster Kennel Club. It's the best dog show in the world.

- Do you feel that she knew to rise to the occasion?

- Absolutely. She knows when it's a big stage. And she loves it.

KARYN BRYANT: So what do you do to prepare her tomorrow, obviously, for Best in Show?

- She's going to go back, have a little bit of dinner, and rest. She'll be ready to go.

KARYN BRYANT: Well, congratulations to you. Just a wonderful showing again.

- Thank you so much.

KARYN BRYANT: Back to you guys in the booth.