RECAP: Angels win via walk off; Mike Scioscia’s emotional goodbye

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The Angels will never be the same without Mike Scioscia.

- First, I want to make an announcement. Get over here. Come here. Come next to Tim. He'll be his bodyguard.

Want to make an announcement that I'm going to step down. I will not be returning to manage the Angels next year. In speaking with Anne and our family, there's no doubt it's the right move for me. And I think it's the right move for the organization.

So I've had an incredible 19 years. It's been just awesome.

First I want to thank Bill Stoneman. Bill, you took a chance on me in 1999, and I guess the jury's out if it worked or not, but thank you for that opportunity.

You let us do our thing. We appreciated it. And thanks for giving me that opportunity.

I want to thank, you know, obviously, Arte and Carole Moreno. Can't tell you how much they supported us and our family. And I think they made our family part of this Angel family.

And that is something I will never forget. And giving us the opportunity to stay here for 19 seasons just doesn't happen, guys. So believe me, I don't take that for granted, and I want to thank Arte and Carole, you know, for that opportunity.

I thank John and Billy. I think, you know, their passion for this organization is very strong. Their support is real for everybody in this organization, and it's been you know, great working with Billy for the last three seasons.

You know, there's a lot that goes into a ball club. I think every manager is always concerned with the environment. And I can tell you, for 19 seasons, this environment in the clubhouse, on the field, traveling on a plane, in the training room, has been second to none.

Hey, you guys, you guys go get ice. You guys are off tomorrow, but go get some ice, please.

You know, it's been second to none. You know, from you know, Keith Tarter and the clubhouse crew--


Go ahead and get that. Didn't that happen pre-game too? From Keith Tarter and the clubhouse crew, Diego and the video crew, Adam and Bernard on the medical staff, all the doctors, strengthening conditioning guys, it's been incredible.

The coaches--


--these guys are-- would you answer that? Give me the phone. I'll talk. Here, let me see who it is.

It's you lost it now? Come here. Give me the phone. Let me call back, say we're busy right now.

The coaches, you know, these guys have become some of our best friends. And I can't tell you, you know, what they mean to us as Angels.

I think anybody that-- I'm really happy, guys. I'm sorry. You know, this happened.

But anyone that came into our organization, I think, knows that they were going to have every tool available to them to get better. And I'm really proud of, you know, the guys, Alfredo, Dino. These guys have been with us long time. You know, they were awesome.

I want to thank the fans, because I don't think guys understand what that sea of red, you know, what it meant to us. Three million strong every year. You know, sometimes we had a great season, sometimes not so great.


OK, this is-- that's it. Give me that-- John, give me that phone. Let me answer that. Is that an iPhone 1? It doesn't have an off switch?

INTERVIEWER: I'm going to run in out in a minute.

- When's the battery out?

To see that sea of red every night was inspiring to us. And sometimes we never talk about it as much or we should, but you know, Angel fans, don't let anybody sell you short. You guys are passionate. You know the game, and that support was incredible. So I definitely got to thank the fans.

This game's about the players. It's not about a manager. It's not about a GM, an owner. Sure, there's a lot of things that are important-- and not about the coaches.

This game is about the players, and it always will be. And you know, for 19 years, we've had guys that just put it all on the line, whether we were going good or were going bad.

And that's what I'm going to take away. That was so inspiring to me on a personal level, to see these guys just go out there and just play the way you should play the game.

I'll take away the grit of Darin Erstad, the athleticism of Garret Anderson, the presence of Tim Salmon, the heart and soul of Bengie Molina, Eckstein and Kennedy, the competitiveness of Jarrod Washburn, Jered Weaver, who was the ultimate competitor, and John Lackey. These guys were tremendous, just tremendous on the mound.

The fearlessness of Chone Figgins and Eric Aybar, the talent and Howie Kendrick. These guys are special. These guys are special.

The phenomenon of Torri Hunter. That's the only way I can explain it. It's a phenomenon. You had to be around Torri.

So much fun to watch him play. But you got to see him everywhere else. He was incredible.

And you move forward now to so many guys, you know, now that we have that are so important to us, you know, the talent of Justin Upton and Andrelton Simmons, the hard-nosed play of Kole Calhoun. And now you look at guys like Mike Trout, you know, Albert Pujols and Vlad Guerrero, who will be a Hall of Famers with an Angel cap on. Can't tell you how much of a privilege it was, you know, to be around them.

The thing that I'm going to take away is, as good of players as everybody saw they are-- and they're the elite players on this planet-- these guys are even better people. And that makes us all proud to come and see guys grow from when they get here to be the type of person that we would want, and instill the things that we want to put in our own kids. And that's something that's really special to me to see them.

And now you'll get a young kid like Shohei Ohtani comes in from a different country. I know the fans appreciate everything, but you have to see how hard these guys work. You have to see what they do back there. And that's why I say this game will always be about the players.

It's not anything that I've done. It's not anything that Billy or John or Arte has done. There's no way that you look at the wins that we've been able to put up here in 19 years and it doesn't point to anything but the players.

And that's what I'll take away from this experience. It's been incredible.

So what's next? Well Anne and I are going to go out back to Thousand Oaks and go out to Mastro's tonight. That's all--


That's the first thing on the tab. I don't know if the whole posse's going or it's just us. Do you know yet?

CREW: It might be the whole [INAUDIBLE]

- Oh god. I guess it's going to be me and 30 of my closest friends there. But anyway, I have a deep passion for this game. I love it. I love managing.

But in this game, you never know if, where, or when an opportunity comes. And I'm fine with it.

If something comes and I get another chance, great. If not, believe me, I'm going to take the great experience I had here and just move forward with it. It's been terrific.

So with that being said, we are had an incredible ballgame out there today. Let's talk about the ballgame. Mrs. C, what do you got?

INTERVIEWER: Was it special to see it end in walk-off fashion, your last game, with the fireworks going off?

- To be honest, I had very little to do with today's game. And I'll point to Alfredo, to JP. And Dino brought it home the last three innings. They did all the work.

But it's fun. You know what's fun, you see Taylor Ward going through the growing pains and doing something like he did. You see this team down by a couple, and three hits later, we're in here with music blaring.

So it's just a great team win, and it feels good. But I had nothing to do with today, nothing to do with the lineup, nothing to do with the pitching changes, hence is probably why we won.

INTERVIEWER: What's it mean to you to see Trout, and Upton, and Calhoun come in here and just be a part of this closing out?

- Well. I know Trouty's got a plane to catch to go back east. He probably only came in to check the Eagles score and just hung out here.

Up is going to head over to Phoenix at some point. And Kole, I don't know if they're going to, you know, follow each other over or not.

But to be honest with you, I'm sure Tim Mead roped them in and probably bribed them to come in here, that they're sitting here and having to hear me talk again. Because the last thing in the world, after a long season, these guys want to hear is my voice. I can trust that.

So I don't know. What are you guys, delayed? Are your flights delayed or what? I mean, what's going--

PLAYER: Thunderstorm.

- Thunderstorm. I knew it was something.


- You guys want to go to Mastro's? Is that it?

But it's a great game. I think, you know, it's good to see some where pitchers get out there and perform better. You know, Matty had a little trouble early.

But it's a great win. I think there's a lot of positives to take out of every game, and a lot of these young players that came up here just did a great job. I mean, it was fun to watch.

INTERVIEWER: Mike, what was it like driving in to the ballpark today?

- No, I'm talking about the game. Driving to get ready for the game?


- OK, well, driving in, I was just figuring out really how the coaching assignments were going to go. I think other guys had some different roles here. They were terrific.

But got my Starbucks, and came in here, and knew I wasn't managing. Don't take that off my record though, John.

INTERVIEWER: Mike given the passion you still have for this game, did you talk to Billy and Arte about whether you wanted to do this next year, or you had already decided?

- We're talking about the game, Bill.

INTERVIEWER: This is your last game, but your question is is did you talk about--

- We're talking about the game right now. Thank you for that question. But I love the game. I have great passion for the game. And we're talking about today ballgame.

There's no questions about today's ballgame. I liked Ohtani's line driving tonight. I liked his line drive. And I think the fourth, it hit the pitcher. He hit it hard.

And Trouty didn't do very much.


And I liked Kole Calhoun's line drive in the first inning. That was a rocket.

INTERVIEWER: Scioscia, in regards to the coaching assignments today, how much did it mean for you to give those guys that opportunity, each getting three innings?

- I think it's great. I had fun with it just watching them.

Alfredo tried to get thrown out on the first pitch. But he, you know, managed to stay in the game.

You know, JP-- these guys, to be honest with you, it's not out of character of what they've done all season. So it was fun.

You know, JP, first day we talked to him, I said, JP, listen, man, you come to the dugout every day like you're managing it. Prepare like you're managing it.

He took it to the Nth degree, trust me. But he was very prepared.

And the same with Dino. You know, he's one of the best baseball minds ever been around. And so for him to get the last couple innings and a walk-off win is good.

Although, I saw the way he was lining things up, and I don't know how it was going to go if Wardo didn't hit that home run, Dino. But he got it done. So that's a fun day.

INTERVIEWER: About this game today, how long ago did you decide that this was going to be your night?

- Really, Anne and I talked, and it just kind of, I think, came to fruition over the last month of the season. But this was a good day today. Nothing else in today's game that you liked?

INTERVIEWER: Why didn't you let Trout get his 40th homer?

- Trout what?


- Just a number. I don't think Mike's year is any diminished because he had 39 instead of 40. I don't think Kole's is any diminished because he had 19 out of 20.

But I think we went in, and I hacked the computer and erased the first two and a half months of Kole's season. So he looks like he hits 280 with a OPS of 820. So he did a great year.

INTERVIEWER: Mike, how satisfying is it that your final game is, not just a win, but a walk-off win?

- The players did it. Gets back to-- it's about the players. They did everything, and it was fun to watch them.

It's always good when you win. Trust me on that one. So we feel good about it. We feel good about the way the guys came back. And they did a great job.

You know, you guys, I think, you know, some things you don't experience are the dugout. We have a great dugout, and it starts, you know, with the coaches really.

Our guys are relaxed. They're upbeat. They've always been like that.

I think that's the fun part. I got to sit back and just watch a little of that today. And it was fun.

INTERVIEWER: Is it because of that focus on the players that, when people started talking about this over the past few weeks, that you wanted to make sure to deflect it?

- That's not really about today's game is it, Bill?


- No, we're not going to get into anything. Anything else in today's game was good?

All right, guys, lookit, thank you guys very much. And see you somewhere down the line. Thank you.