Angels reflect on the impact Ian Kinsler had on the organization

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Ian Kinsler only spent half a season with the Angels, but his impact was felt throughout the organization and the team reflected on his presence after he was traded Tuesday

- The trade deadline, that's the big topic of conversation here this afternoon. It has come and gone. Angel Sellers, once again, first of all, was Martin Maldonado last week to the Astros. Late last night, Ian Kinsler to the Boston Red Sox. Jose, when you heard about the trade, what was the first reaction from you?

- I'm not surprised at all. I mean, the Boston Red Sox have been on the heels of Ian Kinsler, and they've been watching very closely what he's done here in the month of July. And, certainly, a guy that's been playoff tested, some World Series, he plays hard, he's gritty, and certainly it did help the Angels value wise for what they're getting in the minor leagues that he did have a pretty good month of July.

- And when you think about it, when you put so much premium on defense, he's turned 73 double plays. He's that good. He's going to prevent some runs for the Red Sox in their postseason run. And if they get some power arms back for Ian Kinsler. That's why he was swinging out so well. Perfect time to be able to move him at that point.

- Yeah, Kinsler's a big impact on the field, off the field, really become a leader of this clubhouse, certainly topped Billy Eppler. It was very difficult for him, as well. He held a press conference over the phone. And this is what he said.

Late last night, certainly was difficult. Excited about the players they're getting. The two-- two big prospects from AAA Pawtucket for the Red Sox. But, of course, it's going to be an impact in the future. But people gravitate toward Kinsler, as I mentioned. I know I did. I was only around him less than a calendar year. And this afternoon, Manager Mike Scioscia also talked about the loss of Ian Kinsler.

- You know we loved Ian. He's a gamer. He set a tone definitely for the way we want to play the game. And he and Andrelton-- Andrelton in the middle were the best double-play combination of baseball. But much like one more team moved on, somebody's going to get a chance to fill that void. And we'll use David Fletcher over there for the most part. And, hopefully, he'll give us the same things that Ian did.