Angels injury problems continue to worsen, but attitude remains high

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There are now 21 different players who have played for both the AAA Salt Lake Bees and the Angels this season, one number most team's wouldn't want to be high, but Mark Gubicza explains how the Angels need to fight through it

- Talking about the injury updates, the first and foremost begins with Shohei Ohtani. We're at that three-week mark today. And Billy Eppler had the press conference. In the conference call and talking about Ohtani, and pretty good news for the Angels overall.

- Yeah, Victor, when you think of it, that's some great news. He's going to be hitting at some point really soon. Maybe within three weeks, be able to be back in the lineup. Six home runs already this season and 20 RBIs. And he's been driving the ball very well. And you don't even really necessarily worry about him getting a lot of at bats before getting back in the game ready,--

Because he's shown before, two or three times a week, his timing has still been able to be there. So having his presence back in the lineup as far as a hitter is going to be very significant.

- How much of an impact do you think he'll have just in the clubhouse and having him back around the guys?

- The energy level, I mean there's been some down times here. The club is struggling. Some key injuries throughout this entire team, the whole 25 man roster and beyond. So having him back in, or even around the ballpark, Shohei Ohtani brings so much energy, so much positive energy. So hopefully that will be something that will carry on, maybe guys will start swinging the bat a little bit better.

- Before the game yesterday, Zack Cozart was announced that he was going to have shoulder surgery. He's out for the rest of the year. And I would imagine this impacts, of course, Luis Valbuena and David Fletcher, who's already up.

- Yeah, David Fletcher's going to get a chance to play a little bit more. So when you think about it, guys that exemplify Mike Scioscia's brand of baseball, David Fletcher has got to be one of those guys. He can put hit and run on there quite a bit for him. Zack Cozart is a guy that coming over here, anticipate a lot of home runs hit.

He's going to be out the season, so you have to move forward. And Luis Valbuena at times right now has really been driving the ball much better. Look to be a little more consistent. But defensively at third base, those two are going to be share that time, they've been pretty solid so far.

- I know last night on the broadcast, we mentioned after that we saw the injury to Jake Jewell here at Fenway Park, the horrific injury to Garrett Richards. It happened at first base, right here in the same ballpark. Just a shame in just his third major league baseball game that Jewell is going to be out for some time.

- Yeah, Victor, when we even had a chance to talk to him yesterday, the smile on his face. You know, getting that opportunity to play at the Major League level, get to play here at Fenway Park. Unfortunate injury yesterday sliding towards home plate, trying to get a baseball thrown back after a while pitch.

He's going to be out for a significant amount of time. He's already going back to Los Angeles at this moment. But I tell you what, I love his arm. And his energy, and he's already tweeted out saying, thanks for all the thoughts and prayers and I'll be back as quick as possible, which is always huge to hear from him.

- You get a chance to sit in that clubhouse and talk to the guys and address them, you see all the injuries that have occurred. What are you saying to those guys right now?

- Right now it's all about, and we even talked about it, it's all about winning today. And that starts in the first inning. You get that lead and go from that point forward. I think the mindset has to be, you can't worry about injuries to this point. Mike Scioscia said about, Ian Kinsler said the same thing.

The schedule keeps playing on. You have to start playing good baseball and to stop the conversation about all of these injuries, because it's part of the game, it's part of sports in general. But to go out there and try to play the best game you could possibly play. And that would be tonight.