Recap: Blue Jays 4, Angels 1 (6/23)

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The Angels defense held them in it all game, but with two strikes and two outs in the ninth, a three-run homer was the difference

REPORTER: An unfortunate ending after tying it late in the game. Justin Anderson had a couple of calls not go his way. What did you see from him in the ninth?

- You know, a couple of pitches he just missed. And we didn't get the check swing call, you know, it does change an at bat. But still, he got the [INAUDIBLE], he just left a slider over the heart of the plate to Pearce. And you know, that changed, obviously-- you know, it changed the game if he didn't miss it.

REPORTER: Would you-- what improvements did you see from Jaime Barria tonight compared to his last outing?

- Oh, he battled. There was a lot of traffic. I mean, he-- four walks, I think, you know they had what, eight or nine base runners, was it, in five innings? So he had to work really hard to get out of some jams. We turned double plays for him, which were good. We played really good defense tonight.

And you know, fortunately, I think if you look at his game, just from one perspective, we had some opportunities early, couldn't get that hit, had some runners in scoring position early with some-- with some good, good looks. And give Stroman credit. He made some pitches to get out of some jams.

REPORTER: David Fletcher was a big part of a couple of those double plays, as you mentioned, got a couple of hits tonight. What's impressed you about his play since getting called up?

- Well, he's played-- you know, played third, which was not his natural position, played right field, which is not his natural position. He played second base and started tonight. Seems like wherever we put him, he makes plays.

And at the bat, in the batter's box, he's putting the ball play and, you know, got on base a couple times, set the table. So he's doing a good job.