Recap: Angels 6, Rangers 0 (6/1)

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Angels manager Mike Scioscia was very happy with his rookie Jaime Barria's seventh career start and stood behind his shortstop Andrelton Simmons following a bench clearing altercation at the end of the game

- Hey, guys.

REPORTER 1: Mike, Jaime Barria was lights out. What impressed you about his outing tonight?

- Well, I think Jaime showed a lot of the stuff he showed he was pitching in Yankee Stadium and then Colorado. You know, the little action that he had, he made some pitches to get out of it. They had second and third in the second inning, and he made some terrific pitches to end it. Leadoff double in the third-- I think it was the third inning-- and he stranded Perez.

He did a great job. I thought, you know-- you know, I thought his stuff was crisp and changed speeds well. He used all his pitches and six strong innings.

REPORTER 1: We saw production from the whole lineup tonight. But Ian Kinsler stepping up big once again with that two-run home run. Is he finally getting back on track and where he needs to be in the box?

- He's much more comfortable in the box, much more comfortable in the batter's box. So that's a good sign. And that's something, you know, obviously we're going to need.

REPORTER 1: That was a big double play and heated way for this game to end. What did you see and what did Simmons tell you?

- Well, I think-- you know, Odor goes in there hard. He plays hard like our guys play hard. And I think the slide looked like a little bit of veer. I think they-- Simba's fine with guys going in hard. But he's got a nasty gash on his shin. He got spiked pretty hard. And it looked like-- you know, just looked like Odor got a little a bit-- a little wide on the slide.

REPORTER 1: Will he be OK to play tomorrow?

- Yes.


REPORTER 2: What is it that makes Barria so effective? It's not necessarily he has a overpowering fastball or offspeed stuff. But he's always-- seems to always be in command of everything he has.

- He's got really good life on his fastball. He's got good command with all his pitches. Everything's out of the same slot. He can throw-- you know, give you three different looks on any count. And when a pitcher can do that, you've got a chance to have success.