#XTRAPOINT: Top Trends, Angels vs. Yankees

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What's trending for Angels vs. Yankees in New York City this weekend? Our XP crew has you covered.

- What's up, SoCal. I'm Taylor Felix.

- I'm Carrlyn Bathe. Happy Memorial Day weekend, everyone. These are your top tier trends presented by Arco.

- Well, it's been quite the week. After three long years, the Bachelor franchise's Ashley I and Jared are finally together. And if you want to watch their love story, you can spend 45 minutes on People.

- I think I'd rather spend 45 minutes watching Ryan Reynolds wearing a T-shirt with Taylor Swift's cats in Deadpool, because it was amazing.

- You're living the dreams, DP.

- Yeah.

- Speaking of movies, Geddy Lee from the rock band, Rush, if you don't know who he is--

- What do you mean, like, fast-paced rock?

- --got his 3,000 hit baseball signed by Albert Pujols. He has literally had everyone who has made 3,000 hits sign this thing.

- Good, right?

- You know what I want to talk about?

- What?

- Ohtani fever. Since Ohtani joined the Angels, the television ratings in Japan have just skyrocketed. And the other day, he broke his bat on a two run single, because the guy's a beast.

- You're absolutely right.

- Just look at this clip from Toronto. People love him. I love him.

- I love him, but he's not the only rookie you need to keep your eye on in this series. Yankees rookie, Gleyber Torres, is making franchise history.

This rookie is hitting home run after home run, which is huge for a Yankees squad that's already stacked with Stanton, Judge, and Gregorius. This series is going to be hot, people.

- It is. It's going to be hotter than your barbecue on Memorial Day.

- The Angels-Yankees action kicks off today at 3:30 PM on Fox Sports West.

- And those were your top tier trends, presented by Arco, the official fuel of Fox Sports West.