RECAP: Angels 2, Astros 1 (5/14)

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Hear from Mike Sciosia after Angels beat Astros, 2-1 on Monday night in Anaheim.

REPORTER: An outstanding start for Andrew Heaney. Do you agree he seems to be getting better and better each outing?

- Andrew's pitched well for us. And sure, I think he's-- the one thing is his command of his fastball in and out is setting everything up. He's spinning the ball well. He's got a great changeup. And so in that regard, he keeps moving forward. And this is a terrific job tonight.

REPORTER: Justin Anderson picking up his first career save. What impressed you about his outing here tonight?

- Well, it wasn't textbook for his first save, but he got it done. You get a 9-6 double play and then a base hit and a intentional walk. And then he gets a ground out. But Justin has great stuff. And hopefully, this gives him a little bit of confidence moving forward that he can pitch late in the game and get it done.

REPORTER: And looking at that big play by Kole Calhoun in the ninth inning, what are you thinking when you see that come in and they get the double play?

- Well, first, we're hoping Kole can catch the ball. You need an out there. And the ball carried him against the wall. And he had to reset himself. But he's got such a strong, accurate arm. And Springer can run. Was doing what you would want your runner to do is tag and try to get to second. And great play by Andrelton at shortstop to make a tough tag. And we got him.

REPORTER: And what's it say about Kole Calhoun that even though he may be struggling at the plate, he has not missed a beat on defense.

- No, Kole, he's such a gamer. And he's-- he knows that it's important what he does in right field for us, whether it's stopping the first and third, made a nice running catch tonight, and then, obviously, the play down the line in the ninth inning. He's going to help us any way he can. And he's working so hard, almost too hard on the offense, and just is taking some baby steps. But he's not going to let that affect his defense.