‘The Herd’: Colin lists Chargers at 8, Rams at 5 in latest Top 10

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Colin's Top 10 NFL teams after 2017-18 Week 12.

NARRATOR: Herd Hierarchy.

COLIN COWHERD: Time is now. Let's go.

NARRATOR: The top 10 NFL teams according to Colin.


NARRATOR: Number 10.

COLIN COWHERD: Out of respect for Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson, all put the Seahawks in. But here's their problem. Russell Wilson's accounting for 86% of the team's offense. The highest percentage by any player in the league.

You just cannot win multiple playoff games when you're that dependent on one person. They're also the most penalized team in the league. They are not buttoned up enough to win a Super Bowl.

Now I loved their GM, and I loved their coach, and I loved their quarterback, but they got to clean the stuff up here in the next month.

NARRATOR: Number nine.

COLIN COWHERD: Atlanta. Little rebirth here. Atlanta had that Super Bowl hangover. They are popping out of it. They've won four of their last five and, more, importantly, Matt Ryan has looked more like himself. Nine TD's, two picks, passer rating over 107.

Now their schedule is brutal. The rest of the way. It's the toughest schedule in the NFL. So they're going to be in some high scoring shootout. That's why I can't put them yet higher than nine.

NARRATOR: Number eight.

COLIN COWHERD: I think the most underrated team in the league is the L.A. Chargers. They won five of seven. I called it a week ago. I said they're going to win this division.

They have the best personnel outside of Kansas City, but they've got confidence, what Kansas City doesn't. Over the last two games, Philip Rivers is on fire. Keenan Allen has had a real awakening in the last month.

By the way, they've got this young running back. He's an undrafted rookie from like Western state. His name is Austin Ekeler, and he's a lot like Danny Woodhead.

They have multiple pieces. I think this is the best I've ever seen Philip Rivers play. This team believes in itself and is physically punishing in the defensive front.

NARRATOR: Number seven.

COLIN COWHERD: Listen. I like like Carolina to win their division. I picked them to double their win total this year and be a 10-12 win team. Here's my problem. Sunday was Cam's fourth game this year with a passer rating below 16. That's awful.

The problem with that, three and out. Defense is on the field more. The Panthers have now allowed, now allowed 100 yards rushing in consecutive games for the first time this year. Why?

The defense on the field too long because of Cam's efficiency, meaning the defense is being worn down. Cam, do better.

NARRATOR: Number six.

COLIN COWHERD: Like the Saints, I mean, talk about a draft, they-- their top five draft picks, four of them are like stars. And Drew Brees has been on fire for the last five. Here's what concerns me, I've got him a little lower.

They lost their sack leader, Alex Okafor, with an Achilles. That's the thing. In the playoffs you need pass rushers. Also the rookie Marshon [INAUDIBLE] Lattimore, who is one of the top five corners in the league. He's all beat out with a bad injury right now.

He will come back, but when I watched the Rams game, in big crucial situations they couldn't make stops. I still think this team can win their division. I just like Carolina's personnel more.

NARRATOR: Number five.

COLIN COWHERD: I moved the Rams out of the top five despite a win. Here's my concern. Jared Goff in the last three games has been sacked nine times.

The untold secret to this team is their offensive line starting at left tackle and its center. There is a little leakage in that offensive line.

Now here's what I like about. They're the only team in the NFL that possesses the ball for nine minutes in the fourth quarter. They are really good in that fourth quarter with clever play calling and Todd Gurley at eating that clock. That's a great quality to have heading into the playoffs.

NARRATOR: Number four.

COLIN COWHERD: These are the best four teams in the NFL. And I think should be favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Minnesota Vikings. I know what you're saying, Case Keenum. I know.

Can we just be honest here? Case Keenum, in the last three games, is completing over 70% of its throws 9 yards a pass. He's not dinking and dunking here. Stefon Diggs is a world class wide receiver that got a kid on the other side that was undrafted, who was spectacular.

They run the football. Listen, generally speaking, there are limitations to having kind of a B minus quarterback. And that may be an issue in six weeks. Right now, this is one of the four best teams in the National Football League.

NARRATOR: Number three.

COLIN COWHERD: Pittsburgh Steelers. Now we know they're gifted offensively. They have struggled defensively in the last couple of weeks, giving up big plays. They've allowed five passing touchdowns, a 50 plus yards in the last three games

OK. Part of that is explainable. Joe Hayden got hurt. And when Joe Hayden got hurt, suddenly they were exposed. This is a good defense. They're not buttoned up, they're too emotional. But I have a hard time believing anybody but New England can beat them in the AFC.

NARRATOR: Number two.

COLIN COWHERD: If I told you before the season, the key to this team is going to be Rex Burkhead and Dion Lewis. You just said, what? Their running backs right now are the story of this offensive along with Tom Brady.

They can out of the backfield. You can spread them out, put them in a slot. They create massive, matchup problems for secondary and linebacking corps.

They have the best coach and quarterback, but it's these Rex Burkhead - Dion Lewis. These guys have become a hu-- It's almost like Gronk and Aaron Hernandez years ago, where a matchup problem at tight and. Their running backs are a matchup problem in space for the NFL.

NARRATOR: Number one.

COLIN COWHERD: Here's the amazing thing about the Philadelphia Eagles. Since week eight. Remember that the weakness of the Eagles was their past defense?

Since week eight, their pass defense is the best unit in the NFL. NFL losen completion percentage, yards per pass, passer rating, and big plays that given up only two.

We thought they had a weakness. It's now a strenght. And that's are Herd hierarchy.