Skip Bayless laments his Dallas Cowboys: America’s team has America’s worst offense

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Skip Bayless discusses the Dallas Cowboys on today's show. He explains why the Cowboys have the worst offense in the NFL.

- --was simply the most excruciating and torturous game I've ever, ever tried to root for in my long history of rooting for my Dallas Cowboys. It was one long vomit ride for me. And I could just see it coming because it was a one-play game. And finally Houston made the one play because Houston has a DeAndre Hopkins and Dallas does not. That was-- that boils down the game as simply as I can. It was so close and so far from my Dallas Cowboys because Houston has a playmaker. And Dallas has no playmakers on the outside.

So before I unleash on all my blame, let me be perfectly clear about this-- this is not over. This season in the NFC East is just getting started because my Cowboys now fall to 2-3 and are tied with-- guess who? The defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles are also 2-3 in the division. The New York football Giants are 1-5 in the NFC East because they won one game at-- believe it or not-- at Houston against Deshaun Watson.

How did that happen? I don't know. How could my team not close that deal last night-- a game they should have won-- I don't know. That leaves us with the Redskins who play tonight on Monday Night Football at New Orleans. They're a 6-point underdog. They will lose that game to fall to 2-2 and remain exactly a half game up on Dallas and Philadelphia. And it's over, says Shannon Sharpe. No it's not! It's just getting started.

And because I have a top five defense that played its tail off last night, a defense that will keep Dallas in every game from here on out, especially if David Irving ever returns, the monster in the middle. I still don't know. He had some personal issue. He was supposed to be eligible to play last night. He did not practice. They did not even fly him to Houston.

But if he ever comes back, you better look out because you're going to be in bigger and bigger trouble because teams are going to have a hard time scoring on my Dallas Cowboys. And you say blame the quarterback. He did throw two interceptions last night, neither of which was his fault. They were both bad bounce interceptions to little tiny receivers who should have caught the ball-- hit them in the hands-- maybe throws it--

SHANNON SHARPE: Man, stop it, Skip. You see Tavon Austin-- 5'8".

- You got to make that catch.

SHANNON SHARPE: Come on, Skip.

- Hit him-- hit him right in the hands. But now let's get down to the flashpoint of the game. This is why it was so sickening for me-- this is why I tweeted I think I'm going to vomit-- because in overtime, the flashpoint of the game happens on fourth and 1 and 1/2. And I couldn't even get worked up about Jason Garrett punting. Of course, you-- you were all over Frank Reich for punting last week.

SHANNON SHARPE: That's a different situation.

- I know. Slightly different. But not really that different. Again, this is the one where I'm like Frank Reich. This is the one where I go for 10 out of 10 times because that's just who I am, how I'm built, what I'm made of. Jason Garrett is usually a gambler in those situations. That's the one thing I like about Coach Clap. He'll usually go for that. And you know why he didn't? Because they were inept on offense. America's team now has America's worst offense!