Shannon Sharpe’s reaction to Darrelle Revis announcing retirement after 11 seasons

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Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless react to Darrelle Revis announcing retirement after 11 seasons.

- Yes, I am.

- Just gonna let that go, just gonna let it go.

- But, Skip, I am disappointed. Because I believe if Darrelle Revis had dedicated himself in the offseason-- because when he was good he was all-time great. I don't worry about, he has fewer than 30 interceptions, because he would go games without anybody even attempting to throw the ball. Skip, and he locked down the best of the best.

He traveled. He traveled, he was really good. But if you look at him his last year playing, Skip, he didn't care. He came in heavy. He got beat. He's like, oh, well. And that that's the wrong attitude.

Larry Fitzgerald came into league three years earlier and he's still playing. Terence Newman is 40.

- He is.

- In a month, and he's still playing. There is no reason that 33 Darrelle Revis should be out of the NFL. But it wasn't in his heart to work as hard as he needed to, and this is what you get.

- Just three years ago, I sat with Darrelle Revis at Jets camp arguing with him, because I thought Deion was better overall, long-term than Darrelle had been. And we went back and forth. And he had just turned 30 years of age, and I couldn't imagine he was going into what was to be his last good season.

He made the Pro Bowl that year and that was it. He made lots of money. He beat the system every way you can beat it, and I give him that. But in the end, he faded out pretty quickly and ingloriously. Because he was right there with Deion. I don't think he's better than Deion, but he was in the conversation.

- Oh, yeah, absolutely. Absolutely, he was special. Like I said, Skip, when he was good, he was all-time great. And he traveled. He locked the best-- it didn't matter where you went-- left, right, slot-- he traveled with you.