Shannon Sharpe doubts Russell Westbrook’s Thunder could compete against the best in the West

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to Russell Westbrook dropping 44 points in loss to the Golden State Warriors. Shannon explains that Paul George and Carmelo Anthony are not the answer to help Russell Westbrook compete against Houston and Golden State to win the West.

- It reinforced my doubts that I have with the OKC Thunder, about them being serious challenges to the Warriors or the Houston Rockets. And this is why, Paul George says, I'm having mechanical issues. What are you? Are you a piece of heavy machinery, or something? Dude, you're 10 years deep in the league. You shouldn't be having no mechanical issue.

- Wait, what did you call him?

- A piece of heavy machinery?

SKIP BAYLESS: No, Paul, it's George Paul.

- (YELLING) No, it's Paul George!

- (YELLING) Call him by his name. George Paul.


- Last night he was George Paul, you know it, and I know it.

- Now, you are making my case. You remember the case that you had, like CP3 comes up small in the playoffs, James Harden? Tell me how big Carmelo Anthony, Paul George has come up in the playoffs, and I'll sit back over here and wait. Joy, I'm asking him, I'm asking you, you could answer that.

SKIP BAYLESS: Well I never said they have come up in the playoffs.

- But you have more faith in them.

SKIP BAYLESS: Did you see George Paul shrink against LeBron, last year? They had them in the first--

- (YELLING) They had nothing!

SKIP BAYLESS: They had him.


SKIP BAYLESS: How about game 1? Go look at game 1.


- How about game 2?


SKIP BAYLESS: George Paul.

- In game 3, remember they had a 26-point lead? And LeBron James, and four guys said, hey, I need you, put that beer down, come on in here. Got the lady selling beer. And came back [INAUDIBLE], but that's neither here nor there.

Russell was spectacular last night, don't tell me he ain't chasing that triple-W. You see how he tried to get all of those rebounds, Joy? You saw that too, didn't you Skip?

SKIP BAYLESS: How he's trying, he got 16.

- Yeah.

- He had a game-high 16.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Skip.

- I mean, you've got to give him some credit, here.

- I'm giving him credit, Skip.

- He had three more than his seven-footer had.


- How does he do it? You think people just say, here you can have this one?

- Sometimes.

- Yeah.

- Skip, all I'm saying is, is that when Russ puts on a performance like that, they can't waste it.

- Nope.

- And they wasted it last night. Carmelo was 0-for from the three-point line, Paul George was 9 of 25, 2 and 9, from the Paul George, it was 3 and 9 from the three-point line, Carmelo 0-9. I mean, Russ goes 15 of 25, that's few and far between, that Russ is going to go 15 of 25. You know that, Skip. Because we remember last year, what was that game 3, game 4? Where he just took 18 shots in the fourth quarter, and shot them out of the ballgame?

This is why I have no faith in them, because I don't know, because I haven't seen Carmelo in a very long time, sure big in a playoff series. Paul George, I know Paul, what he's capable of. Now he's put together some great games, but in order for them to become a serious threat to the Warriors, a serious threat to the Rockets, they're going to need consistent play. I don't have any- Russell is going to score, Russ is going to score his points. He might take 45 shots to get them, but he's going to score his points. He's going to need a trusty sidekick to come along with him every game, and I don't know if either one of these guys can do it. Carmelo or Paul George, because they've never been in a situation where they've been counting on being number two, they've always been number one.