Hollywood Ending: Skip Bayless reveals why Odell Beckham Jr. will wind up with the Los Angeles Rams

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In his reaction to the New York Giants asking for two 1st round picks for Odell Beckham Jr., Skip Bayless reveals to Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor why OBJ will end up with the Los Angeles Rams. Is Hollywood a better fit for OBJ than the Big Apple?

SKIP BAYLESS: I believe Odell Beckham, Jr. will wind up with the Hollywood Rams, and it may not be until the hour before this upcoming NFL draft.

- Right.

SKIP BAYLESS: Because I'm sure that the Giants will try to hold on and to auction him off to the highest bidder.

- Right.

SKIP BAYLESS: But there are lots of complications going on that weren't going on with the various Keyshawn deals and--

- Joey Galloway.

SKIP BAYLESS: -- Joey Galloway deals, and that is that Odell has one year left on a contract. And he has said he wants not just top receiver money, he wants top quarterback money. So he is going to be a potential nightmare of a problem when it comes to his contract, as well as a potential nightmare problem off the field.

- Right.

SKIP BAYLESS: And, yet, he obviously wants to go to the Rams, who have two things to offer that nobody else can, who might bid for him. Number one, they're in Hollywood, and Odell doesn't like LA, he loves LA, so he would love to play in LA. And why wouldn't he want to play for something else the Rams have to offer that nobody can, they were the number one scoring offense in football last year.

They have a hot young quarterback and a hot young running back. They have a pretty good young possession receiver in that Cooper Kupp. He's pretty good.

- Yeah, Robert Woods.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, Robert Woods. But they lost their Odell, Sammy Watkins, because Odell is a much better Sammy Watkins, right?

- Correct.

SKIP BAYLESS: So they have a glaring hole at the--

- Wide receiver.

SKIP BAYLESS: -- the premier wide-out spot, right, the deep-threat spot--

- Yes. Yes.

SKIP BAYLESS: And, on defense, it is clear they have gone all in to win a Super Bowl with Suh and Talib and Marcus Peters. And they hung onto Lamarcus Joyner. And all of a sudden, Wade Phillips has got-- I don't know, it could be the best defense in pro football. You could have the best offense and the best defense. You are a team on the verge of winning it all, with a coach who just turned 32 years of age, who is a think-way-outside-the-box offensive mind. Odell wouldn't love that?

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: Because he's been in a pretty conservative system, right?

- Very true.

SKIP BAYLESS: So here you go. It's-- it's like perfect for Odell. So maybe he would be willing to come to grips with whatever the contract is. Maybe he would take a little less to be able to be a part of this in Hollywood.

- Because here's the thing, Skip. This is what the Giants are going to have to ask themselves. Even if we give Odell the money, are we sure Odell will behave himself? What's going to make Odell happy?


- Because he-- I mean, even after his second year, they had these issues with him. So is it really about money? What is it that's going to ultimately make Odell happy and get him to-- that when we speak of this young man's name, it's only football related, not the tantrums on the sideline, not the behavior on the field, not the video. I don't know what happened in the video. They said it was pizza. I don't know if Pizza Hut is sending that kind of pizza out there, [INAUDIBLE].

- I mean, there was definitely pizza.

- Yeah, yeah.

- I think we can confirm that there was pizza.

- Yeah, yeah, I heard you kind of get the munchies--

- You can lose the "alleged" with the pizza.

- Yeah, the cookies, Skip, they kind of make you hungry. That's what I heard. I don't know, but what I heard.

But anyway, so that's the question. Now, if you trade for Odell, now, you understand, he said that he wants this contract, so you have to understand what you're getting if you're not going to give him that. He's going to be a problem for you also if you don't give him the very reason he wants out of New York.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, I got it, but if you were offering Hollywood and a ring potentially, maybe he says, OK, I got it, just give me this and I'm gonna be real happy in Hollywood.

- But I don't know how, Skip, when you got Aaron Donald. 99 got to eat first.

SKIP BAYLESS: OK. Well, that's what I'm saying. Maybe Odell would see that and say, OK, I'm gonna go with the flow here because this is a really good flow.

- Yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: He-- he has become clearly more trouble than he is worth to the cornerstone organization, the foundation, the NFL organization that is the New York football Giants.

- Correct.

SKIP BAYLESS: I think he would fit better with the Hollywood Rams than he would with the New York Giants.