Shannon Sharpe says it might be time for the Giants to move on from Odell Beckham Jr.

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In wake of the comments made by New York Giants owner John Mara, Shannon Sharpe examines possible courses of action for the Giants in their handling of star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and his behavior concerns. Shannon: "Maybe Odell would be better served in a different organization."

- Shannon, what should the Giants do with Odell?

- I'm going call Odell's bluff. Skip, there's a saying that says when people say I'm trying to find myself-- self is not something you find. Self is something that you create.

John Mara said Odell keeps finding himself in these situations. Odell is not finding himself in these situations. Odell is creating these situations. Because here it is, hard for me to believe in. If I'm the Giants, I'm looking at it from John Mara's and the Giants' perspective.

Here's a guy that, his behavior on the field has been less than exemplary. There have been some things that happened off the field if this video is true. He's doing all of this, Skip, and he's scheduled to make a little less than $8 million.

If I cut Odell a check for $50 million, then what? If I can't control you-- if I can't get you to behave. As my grandma used to say, gee and ha. That's what they used to tell the mules-- giddy up, gee ha-- get them to go or stop. If I can't get you to do what I want you to do, Skip, when you're making $3, $5, $8 million.

If I give you $50 million of my dollars at the signing-- a contract for $70 plus million guaranteed-- how in the hell are they going to get Odell Beckham to do what they want him to do? Odell Beckham-- look. I got no pro-- I understand you want your money, but you have to see.

And as players, sometimes, we get bli-- all we look at it is from our point of view. But you understand, look at what they're looking at. How do they trust you?

I fault the Giants for this. They could have nipped this in the bud a long time ago when he was a rookie. Odell just didn't get like this. This has been his behavior all the while. Tom Coughlin-- when he got into the altercation with Josh Norman, when he really lost his cool, they asked Tom Coughlin about it.

Tom Coughlin says I'm trying to win a game. In other words, what Tom Coughlin was saying, I'm willing to excuse any behavior. Skip, one of the most disciplined NFL coaches to ever walk the sidelines says I'm willing to excuse his behavior because he gives me the best opportunity to win the game.

So Odell sees this. Because I'm so immensely talented, they'll excuse some of my behavior. If I act foolish, if I act out, oh well, that's Odell. He's so tal-- because if you remember, Skip, the first thing out of their mouth, he's so talented.

I can make a case he's the most talented receiver to ever play in the NFL. But what about these behavior? What about this? Odell is not finding himself in a situation. Odell is creating the situation.

And if I'm the Giants, I going to call his bluff because I don't know-- hey. Here's a guy that's gotten the most-- he's received the most money from a shoe comp-- from the Nike corporation for the shoe deal. And any player-- and think about all the players that walked more than Jerry, Joe Montana or Elway or Brady or Manning.

More than any of those guys. So there's really no drawback for him to ever act any other way because he's been rewarded. National televised, national commercial-- Head and Shoulder. He beats head for-- there is no reason. There's really no real reason for Odell to do anything other than what Odell is doing, because he's been properly compensated.

He gets to fly all across the country. Do all what he's been doing. What's the ramifications? What's the repercussions of him doing it any other way? Odell-- if I'm John Mara, if I'm the Giants, I'm going call his bluff. I'm going to see if you're real about this.

Because guess what, I think the Giants have been playing football since 1925. It's 2018. They went about, what, nine of those years and didn't even know who Odell Beckham was. They'll be OK without him because they've only gone to the playoffs once with him. Hell, they can do that without him.

- That is true. So what are you saying you would do with him?

- I'm calling his bluff.

- Bah.

- You ain't coming. But here's the thing though, Skip. The highest Odell value will be, will be around draft time. Put the feelers out there. What you all got? What you all want? I ain't doing no Bill Belichick. I'm not, hey, I hear it's Odell for a second rounder.

What you got? If somebody is willing-- hey. You got a first, a second. You want to do something. Because maybe Odell will be-- maybe he will act better. Because there are sometimes-- sometimes, Skip, your kids will act better with someone else than they do with you. Now obviously you can't get rid of your own kids, but in a situation like this, maybe Odell will be better served in a different organization.