Shannon Sharpe on Aaron Rodgers’ reaction to Packers releasing Jordy Nelson: ‘There has never been loyalty in team sports’

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In his conversation on the Green Bay Packers releasing Jordy Nelson, Shannon Sharpe agrees with Aaron Rodgers social media comments that 'there has never been loyalty in team sports' and explains why the Packers should consult him before making changes to the roster.

- Shannon, what do you make of Rodgers' reaction?

- What Aaron Rodgers is saying-- what a lot of people always knew-- already knew, especially people that played sports. That there's no loyalty in sports. Skip, there's never been loyalty on from a team aspect. Teams will always do. They'll trade a player-- and what they'll say Skip, we're trying to get better. They'll release a player. We're trying to get better, we're doing in the best interests. But if a player takes more money. If a player says, I want to do-- redo my-- oh, he's selfish. Oh, he's not a team player. So all Aaron Rodgers is doing is voicing what many know to be true all along. That there's never been loyalty in team sport.

I do not believe-- now some might look at it as saying he's shading Jimmy Graham. Rich Eisen in that tweet said that it's funny. Jimmy Graham never played in the Super Bowl. And Jordy Nelson calls nine for a buck forty in the [INAUDIBLE] in the Super Bowl. He wants-- Aaron Rodgers loves throwing to the tight end, because one of his best rules ever. Remember that he went to Jared on the [INAUDIBLE] Touchdown. That was a tight end.

SKIP BAYLESS: You're talking about the Mason crossfire game?

SHANNON SHARPE: No, we're talking about Jermichael Finley. Jermichael Finley. So he loves throwing to the tight end. And Aaron Rodgers does not have a problem with the additions, he has a problem with the subtraction. He's saying that, look, I'm coming back. Jordy Nelson's numbers did take a dive. But we can understand that with Brett Hundley. Devaughn Adams is the new number one receiver.

So OK, I think Aaron would have been OK with it had they gone to-- and who knows if they did or not. Maybe they broached the subject to Jordy. Jordy, look. Nine million base. 12 and 1/2 million against the cap. What do you think? Jordy's like, OK maybe. Let me go on the fridge and mark them. Let me see-- I see all this money that they're throwing around out there. Let me go out there. I'll circle back to you, if I can't find something to my liking. Maybe that's what was being discussed. Aaron Rod-- and the general manager, there's a new sheriff in town--


- --said he spoke to Aaron after the fact. Now Aaron made it abundantly clear-- now I don't know if they'd be reading his tweets-- but he was very upset that they got rid of Alex Van Pelt, and didn't consult him.

SKIP BAYLESS: His quarterback, correct?

- Yes.


- Oh, now you know what's gonna happen, Skip. He just saw first cousin get 84-86 million. Guaranteed fully. He said, OK. You know what that means, right? You got rid of Jordy and didn't consult me. You got rid of my quarterback, Coach, and you didn't consult me. That's gonna cost you an extra 10 million guaranteed.


- So you're going to have to get me a close. He might-- he going over 100. He going over 100 fully, guaranteed, Skip.


- He got to. So I don't have a problem with what he said. I wish they could-- he could have handled this. I don't really like-- I don't have a problem with it, but I don't really like guys airing things on social media. Just go to the team. Or tell me, and then I tell it on them. But anyway, you know, don't put yourself out there like that. But now we know this guy. He's a different breed, Skip. He's a little bit more demonstrative, he's a little bit more outspoken.

SKIP BAYLESS: Who? You talking about the diva Aaron Rodgers?

SHANNON SHARPE: Don't do that, Skip!

SKIP BAYLESS: Well, he's a diva breed.


SKIP BAYLESS: He's got a lot of LeBron going on.

- I'm sorry. He's not psycho Tom. "Let's go, Joe!"


- All he does is headbutts.

- Yep.

- Double check them.

- I haven't seen those in a long time, that discount double check.

- What I saw-- I'll tell you what I did see, like a month and a half ago.


- Wouldn't even shake Nick Boles hand. Nick Boles searching him out. Joe, he couldn't find him nowhere.


- Yeah.

- After he threw for a playoff record?

SHANNON SHARPE: And he wouldn't shake the man's hand. Where is that in-- I ain't talking about him, Skip. Let me talk about Aaron Rodgers. This is his segment.

- Time out. Time out. Point of order. Did I bring up Tom Brady, or did you bring up Tom Brady?

SHANNON SHARPE: You brought him up.

- Yeah, right.

- Jimmy Graham is not the guy, Skip, that would-- there was a time that Jimmy would go get you 1,000 yard, 13:14 touchdown. He's not the guy that can probably get you the big yardage games. Maybe he can-- got to wrestle without the different type of offense.