Shannon Sharpe reveals why he has ‘no doubt’ Richard Sherman can return to being a premier player

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In reaction to reports Seattle Seahawks will release Richard Sherman, Shannon Sharpe reveals to Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor why he believes the 3-time All Pro, can return to a premier cornerback. Sherman only played nine games last season after tearing his Achilles, Can he get back to his former elite level?

- Shannon, can Sherman still be a premier cornerback?

- Absolutely. Because he's made of the right stuff, Skip. This guy went to college as a wide receiver, turned himself into an elite level corner. Now, I know-- and everybody's like, well, he tore his Achilles. We have some history with this injury in cornerback. Brent Grimes, at the very same age, tore his Achilles, and went to three straight Pro Bowls after returning. So there's no question in my mind that Richard Sherman, him being made up of what he's made of, will return to the level that we're used to seeing Richard Sherman play at.

Last season, he was having-- he had the second lowest yards per target of his career.

SKIP BAYLESS: For the time he played.

- For-- yeah.

SKIP BAYLESS: It was November 9--

- Yeah. So he played nine games. And at that point in time, it was the second lowest yards per target of his career. And the thing is, Skip, that we're not-- I'm not surprised. You're not surprised. Most of us is not surprised by this.

They tried to move Richard Sherman perfectly healthy last year. So we're not surprise that, coming off on Achilles injury, about to turn 30, with $11 million-- they can save $11 million. So I don't really think anyone is surprised by this move.

But the question was, can he return to the level that we're used to seeing Richard Sherman. I have no doubt in my mind that he will because of how he's built, how he's made. You don't get to where he got from-- Compton-- go to Stanford as a wide receiver, turn yourself into a defensive back, graduate from Stanford, become an elite level Hall of Fame consideration-worthy cornerback, and not be made of the right stuff. I have no-- I have no questions about Richard Sherman's ability to get back to the level that we're used to seeing.

- I don't have any question about him being made of the right stuff. But what I don't know is if his Achilles tendon is made of the right stuff. Because it's the one injury I cannot predict. Even ACL ruptures tear up everything-- MCL, ACL. I give that a little better chance than I give the Achilles. And I agree, there have been big success stories. I can show you a whole lot of not success stories.

It's mysterious. It's unpredictable. I don't know. I would bet probably 60-40 yes, that he could come back full speed. He wasn't the fastest guy to begin with. He's a long strider. But he plays more with strength than anticipation.

- He's long. Yes.

- You know?

- They don't challenge him, though.

- They do not challenge him. So he is about to turn 30 years of age. He thinks he's got four or five good years left. He well might.

So when I heard yesterday-- when it became clear to me, they just might flat out release Richard Sherman? Wow. He might just hit the open market, unrestricted, no-- you don't have to trade anything for him? Wow. What team jumped to the top of my mind?

- Cowboys!

- The Dallas Cowboys! Because a man by the name of Kris Richard had coached Richard Sherman his whole career in Seattle, first as his defensive backs coach, and then as his coordinator for the past three seasons. Kris Richard-- got fired at the end of last season in which the Seattle Seahawks fell to nine and seven, but they were injury-racked, as you know. But it seemed like the Seahawks were about ready to start going into full rebuild mode, especially on defense.