Shannon Sharpe reacts to Larry Nance Jr’s career night in Cavaliers win

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In his discussion with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe reacts to the Cleveland Cavaliers 112-90 win over Blake Griffin and the Detroit Pistons. LeBron James scored 31 pts, 7 rebounds, 7 assists and Larry Nance Jr had a career night scoring 22 points and 15 rebounds in the Cavaliers bounce-back game.

- Shannon, have the Cavs fixed their issues?

SHANNON SHARPE: No. No, not even close to fixing their issues. Because the lineup that they're probably going to take into the playoffs-- Kevin Love's not even there. So, until he gets back and gets into the mix, we don't really know what this team's going to be.

But I do know this. Larry Nance, Jr., should remain in the starting lineup, Skip. He's a more energetic, athletic Tristan Thompson. And, if Tristan's not dunking or laying the ball up, Skip, you feel real comfortable with the ball in his hand.

Larry Nance can step out 10, 12 feet, and he can make a shot. And so he's a threat. Tristan Thompson's not in the paint. They're not even paying him any attention. So, no, they're not even fixed.

This is what the doctor ordered. You know, you go to the doctor, and it's like, Doc, what's wrong with me? He says, well, take two of these, and you'll be-- what's wrong with the Cavaliers? They ordered up the Detroit Pistons. Not very good, Skip, we know that.

The honeymoon is over with the Blake Griffin situation. Got off to a great start. And everybody was yeah, yeah, oh, bad boy [INAUDIBLE].

- They won four straight.

SHANNON SHARPE: Now look at 'em. And so, no, they're not even close. And, Skip, George Heel, one for five, three points, JR Smith, zero for three, zero points-- you're starting back court plays over 20 minutes and gives you three, and you think they're fixed?

Rodney Hood, over his last five games, one of thirteen from the three point line, and you think they're fixed? No, they're not fixed. Detroit was just what they needed to get over the doldrums of what was going on over the last week and a half. So, no, Skip, they're not fixed.

But old 'Bron-- Skip, I'm not worried. I keep telling you, I was a four. I'm still a four, as long as I got him.

He's 6' 8", 250. He sat out the fourth quarter. Oh, man, did you see him raining down threes?

- I did. Did you?

SHANNON SHARPE: I was hollering every time he'd let it go-- layup.

- Really?


- So you like him shooting seven threes?

SHANNON SHARPE: Five of seven. You saw it. Shot another 65% from the floor. He make me sick, shooting 30-- 31, 7 in 7 in under 29 minutes, George. What's wrong with him? He must be thinking he the MVP or something-- oh. So you hold on, James Harden. Don't get out there too far.

- Yep.

SHANNON SHARPE: I want you to know I see you.

- So I have been critiquing LeBron James longer than you have been idolizing LeBron James. And I will tell you what his history will tell you. His history will tell you that every time he has one of those crazy hot three-point shooting nights-- and that was, by his standards, crazy hot, to make five out of seven.

SHANNON SHARPE: I've seen him hotter. You remember when he played--

- Once at Miami, [INAUDIBLE].

SHANNON SHARPE: [INAUDIBLE] --hit his first-- Joy, you remember that. The good old days, wasn't it, Joy? Wish those days would come back again, don't you?

- Yep.


- The problem with LeBron from three is, he's a 34% career shooter. And history will prevail. And every time he has one of these nights, it's often followed by a one for seven night.