Keenan Allen discusses the Chargers and reveals why he’s the ‘best’ WR in the NFL

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Los Angeles Chargers' WR Keenan Allen joins Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless on Undisputed to discuss his 2017 season. Also, Allen explains why he’s the ‘best’ WR in the league.

- You don't yet get the shine of the top, you know, the Julio, the ABs,

MAN: The Odell Beckham Jr.

INTERVIEWER: Those guys. So how do you feel about that? What can you do to change that, or do you even care about all the above?

KEENAN ALLEN: I don't. I don't care about it. I do know, I'm probably the best, I am the best in the league.


KEENAN ALLEN: No question. I can do what those guys do. What they doing, I'm doing. You know, no question about it. It's just as far as football, you know, those guys are in a big media. You know, they get we don't have a lot of games out there on TV like that. So as far as that, I feel like--

- I mean, you're not playing in Los Angeles.

KEENAN ALLEN: Now we are, yeah. Now it's about winning. Once we win--

INTERVIEWER: Great, so you just said you're the best receiver in the league.

- Most definitely.

INTERVIEWER: OK, and why is that? What do you do that's better than others?

KEENAN ALLEN: I get open against anything. I don't see no back covering and no coverage.

INTERVIEWER: No two people covering you?

KEENAN ALLEN: No two people. So Phil's looking this way.

- You know, you had the kidney injury. 2015 you off to a roaring start.

- Yeah.

- 15 catches one week. You had two games where you're over 150 yards receiving in the first six weeks. You get the kidney injury, you're out for the season. Come back, looking to have a bounce back year in 2016. The ACL injury. How much did the missing two years and Keenan Allen not being mentioned played into how people view you now?

- A big play. You know, it looked like you know I want to put it on there, but it looked like there it goes, getting hurt, getting hurt, getting hurt. But, you know, when I'm out there, you see the stats and see what's going on. And, you know, that's what I'm trying to be consistent.

INTERVIEWER: So what makes you, in your estimation, the best? Is it speed, quickness, savvy, route running, what? Heart?

- Probably my smoothness, and just the way that I play, my style. A lot of swag into it. This is different.

INTERVIEWER: Define smoothness.

- Smoothness, a "Allen Iverson just put it in" perspective.

- I like it.

- Watching you play, everything looks the same speed. You're running the goal route, it looks the same. You're running the out route, you take off like you're running the goal, you fall off the table. You run the bank, the skinny poles, everything looks the same. So DBs can't get a tail on what you're doing. Some guy, they gonna dig in and run the goal. Or some guy, they do a lot of dancing and they like, all right, you're not going deep. You're not going to go deep looking at the quarterback. OK so I know you. I know you got the pull-up.

- I think it comes with reputation. Obviously, the NFL do it a lot. I know where he wants me. I know where I have to get to, I know to time it, that I have to get to it. And, you know, once I think you have an understanding of the game and seeing the coverage, and seeing everything, you know when to do stuff, how to do stuff, and how to beat the guy in front of you.

INTERVIEWER: So how much does it mean to you to play with a guy who could wind up in the Hall of Fame, in Philip Rivers? Just, do you have a connection or rapport?

- I think it has a great deal to do with it, the success that I'm having, for sure. It feels unbelievable. Quarterback, unbelievable. And, you know, the position that he puts us in as a team, you know, is great, so.

- So what's the expectation this year? You finished 97. You barely missed the playoffs. What's the expectation of this LA Chargers team going into 2018?

- Well, the first goal, we've got to win the division. We've got to go in. You know, Alex just left, right? So we've got to take advantage of that and just go down that division. Win that, and after that, once we get in the race, I feel like we have a good--

INTERVIEWER: So me being a Cowboy fan, I got to ask one last painful question, because you just tore us up hard on Thanksgiving. You had a feast on Thanksgiving in Jerry World.

- Yes, we did.

- How easy was that, to pick that defense to pieces?

- Easy is hard to say. It's the NFL. It's not easy. But, it was fun. It was definitely fun. Pitch and catch, for sure.

INTERVIEWER: Pitch and catch?

INTERVIEWER: Pitch and catch. Can of corn.

- Yep.

INTERVIEWER: Nobody's gonna like you. You know what? I think you just went a long way toward putting yourself a little more on the mouth.

- Yeah.


- Yeah.

INTERVIEWER: OK. Well he knows what a normal receiver looks like.

- I think he does. I think he is that guy.

- You'd love to have him in Dallas, wouldn't you?

- Would I. He'd place an 88, I'd take him any day.