Alvin Kamara recalls the ‘heartbreaking’ memory of his Saints losing to the Vikings on Case Keenum’s Hail Mary

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Joining Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor in studio on Undisputed, Alvin Kamara recalls the painful memory of what it was like to watch his New Orleans Saints lose to the Minnesota Vikings on Case Keenum's 61-yard touchdown, Hail Mary pass to Stefon Diggs. Additionally, Kamara rates his rookie season and explains why he's looking forward to playing with Drew Brees next year.

- What was your immediate reaction? What was your emotional reaction?

- You know, in football, you know, I mean, offense-- we're on the sideline, so, you know, it's 10 seconds left, and we're thinking, like, all right, this is our game, you know.

- Mm-hm.

- If you could have-- if you were to ask 100-- pausing that 10 seconds and ask 100 people, how do you think this game is going to end, you know? So with that happening, it was just-- it's like, man, you know. It's heartbreaking, of course, you know, but that's what makes football football. Sometimes it don't go your way. And, I mean, of course we feel like, you know, we-- we should still be playing, but, you know, it happens.

- So Marcus Williams, the safety, obviously, who made the-- the bad choice on that route. In your rookie class-- I don't how close you all are-- have you spoken to him since?

- Yeah. I talked-- I talked to him right when we were in the locker room, you know. I mean, he was hurt. He was broken down about it. And, I mean, he couldn't even-- he couldn't even pick his head up.

And I went and-- and grabbed him, and, you know, grabbed his shoulder pads, and I was like, you know, keep your head up. I mean, it's-- it's football. It happens, you know.

He's like, I lost us the game. I'm like, nah, you know what I mean? You've got to think about the first half. I mean--


- Yeah He got intercepted.

- Exactly. I-- I told him-- I was like, you put us in the game. You know, it was 0:17, and we come all the way back. And you had a part in that, you know. Don't be down on yourself.

I mean, I-- if we could replay it, I would put Marcus back there again. Because I just-- I mean, he's a good player. He's a great player.

- He had a really good year.

- Exactly. He had a good-- he had a great year. So I-- I haven't lost any confidence in Marcus, you know. I know he-- he has the passion for the game to be able to, you know, move on from it, so he'll move on from it.

- So going forward, do you expect Drew Brees to be your quarterback next year?

- That's-- that's what I expect, you know, um--


I don't think-- I don't think any different, you know. That's-- that's our QB.

- OK, let's say he is. How good can you be next year? Like real--

- Like real good? You saw-- I think we'll pick up where we left off, you know. Um, I think the sky's the limit for our team, and coach Paine said it. You know, we-- we've got some young guys that can play.

Um, and our team-- you know, we care about each other. I think that's one thing that helped us a lot this season. I think we-- we care about each other, genuinely care about each other. And that-- that helps you when you're on the field.

- It does. Yeah.

- Yeah.

- And for you, going forward next year, what do you want to get better at? What do you want to do more of? What-- what more can you-- how much higher-- what's-- is the sky your limit?

- Yeah, I think the sky's the limit, you know. I mean, just being able to get with Drew more and-- and pick his brain about, you know, some of the things he likes as far as coverage, and route running, and things like that. And still being able to learn more in the run game, and-- you know, because I feel like I can get better in the run game. It's things that I watch myself on film, and I'm like, man, there's still more yards out there.

- Yeah? Boy, that was a sweet route that you ran on the-- it was good for Sean Payton. Put you the slot, get you on a linebacker.

- Yup.

- That was like candy from a baby.


- You're like, yeah, I got you, I got you, bud. You don't even know what's about to happen.

- Uh-huh, you know it. And, I mean, that's-- that's kudos to Sean and-- and Drew, because, I mean, they-- every week, they're coming up with something, a way to, you know, get me freed up, or get me maxed up on a guy that they know I can beat, so.

- Would you like to split out more and play-- play x or y, or play--

- Yeah, whatever-- whatever I can do. Because I feel like just me being out in those, you know, split out or being out wide-- I mean, it just creates, you know, a different look for the defense. And it's hard to be able to defend that.

So whatever I can do to, you know, free up Red, or Mike or, you know, Brandon Coleman, those guys. And then still helping Mark, you know. Because even Mark now-- he wants to-- he wants to do something--


- Yeah, he wants me to go and do some of that stuff to it. He can-- he's capable. He can do it.