Skip Bayless reveals why Vegas got it wrong by making the Vikings a favorite over the Eagles

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In his discussion with Shannon Sharpe and Joy Taylor, Skip Bayless previews the Minnesota - Philadelphia NFC Championship game, revealing why Vegas got it wrong by making Case Keenum and the Vikings a favorite over Nick Foles and the Eagles.

- I think Vegas has this upside down. I think the Eagles should be at least a 3-point favorite at home. To your point about Nick Foles, seriously, he's getting less respect than Blake Bortles.


- That's how they're treating him. He's not a punchline. He's not being referred to as trash. He's just viewed as an irrelevant liability in Philadelphia, like he doesn't even count, he doesn't even exist. And because he doesn't exist, they're a 3 and 1/2 point underdog at home, when they had the fourth best defense in points allowed-- that's pretty good. They were first in the National Football League against the run.

So I'm gonna say good luck, Minnesota, with Latavius and maybe a little Jerick McKinnon. Again, they averaged 3.9 a rush, did Minnesota during the year, which ranked 23rd. So they don't run it great. I think they're gonna run it none against these guys in this stadium. This is a hard place to win a game in.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yeah, and they're gonna be-- whew.

- And this team, Philadelphia, had the third best rushing offense. So they can run the heck out of it with your ex-Dolphin and that ex-Patriot, right? It's a pretty lethal one, two.

SHANNON SHARPE: And then throw Clement in there.

- Yeah, and you know what? As a third down back, he's pretty good.


- So real quick, let's look at Nick Foles' career so far. He has started 41 National Football League games. That's quite a bit, right? And in those games he's thrown 61 touchdowns to only 29 interceptions. Well, if I told you that about anybody else you'd be saying, hey, who doesn't want this guy?


- And he's played now in two playoff games, and in those two games he's thrown two touchdown passes, but zero interceptions in either of the two games. Maybe the one against Atlanta should have been picked, but it wasn't. So in the two playoff games, Nick Foles has gone 46 out of 63-- that's a high percentage-- for 441 yards. So he's shown you under pressure. He got off to a little shaky start against the Falcons, but then once he locked in, he was pretty smooth, man.

So look at his pedigree, look at where he came from. He went to Drew Brees' high school in Austin, Texas-- Austin Westlake-- which is known as a passing high school. So he followed Drew Brees there, and he was a hot national recruit. And he was going back and forth between Arizona and Arizona State. Then he went to Michigan State, then he transferred back to Arizona and finished there.

In his last year, he threw for 4,000 plus yards. So he was a big-time thrower in a draft that featured Luck and RG3 and your guy down in Miami-- Tannehill--


- Kirk Cousins was in there, Osweiler was in there. Who are we forgetting? Brandon Weeden was in there. The point is, it was a quarterback-laden draft. He could've gone higher without all that star power in there, but he went in the third round. So he wasn't undrafted, right?

And remember, in high school, he was such a good basketball player that Texas and Baylor recruited him to play basketball. So he's got some ability, he's not fast, but he can move around a little bit-- and they run a pure West Coast offense.

SHANNON SHARPE: It shows he's athletic.

- I'm just saying, he doesn't have the biggest arm, but he's a pretty accurate thrower. He's shown you regularly, over time, he doesn't choke. He doesn't collapse. He doesn't come apart. And yet, his team is a 3 and a 1/2 point underdog at home, just because of him? That's just craziness.