Skip Bayless reacts to Titans’ safety’s comments on Tom Brady heading into playoff game

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Skip Bayless reacts to Tennessee Titans safety Kevin Byard's comments about New England Patriots QB Tom Brady heading into the Titans-Patriots Divisional playoff game.

- But the point is, there's one guy whose cage you cannot rattle, especially before a playoff game-- and it's psycho Tom's. Because he's a little nuts. I've got to tell you. There's somebody inside him who's a little off, like a little crazy.

Because this is just me. I've been watching his game, covering it for a long time. I've never seen a quarterback react more emotionally on the field than Brady always does. Usually, they're calm, cool, collected. You know, it's just the nature of the position. You kind of stay a little stoic.

- Yeah, you can't get outside those lines, because they'll--

- He goes crazy. Before the game, he's headbutting Gronkowski. Or during the game, he's headbutting Gronkowski. And by the way, Kevin Byard, meet Rob Gronkowski. Right? Meet him. Because I'm pretty sure you're going to have to deal with them, and I'm sure Tom Brady is already cooking up little design plays.

You know, we can get Gronk on this guy. We'll get him on, we'll get him there. And as soon as I hit Gronk for a touchdown, I'm going to run down and tell that guy all about how it just happened.