Here is what Shannon Sharpe is expecting from Drew Brees next week against the Vikings

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In his conversation with Skip Bayless and Joy Taylor, Shannon Sharpe discuss Drew Brees' performance in the Wild Card game as the New Orleans Saints defeat the Carolina Panthers, 31-26.

- But that's a great luxury to have, Skip, when you shut down Kamara and Ingram to have this guy to fall back. Now remember, he has three of the four greatest completion percentage seasons in NFL history.


- He's thrown for 5,000 yards on five different occasions.


- So statistically, he might be as good as we've ever seen in the NFL when you just look at numbers.


- So that's a great luxury. And that's why we liked him, because they can run the ball with Kamara and Ingram. But think about it, well, we shut that down. OK, you shut that down? You want Drew Brees to throw the ball 30 plus times for almost 400 yards? Because that's what he's capable of.


- But I don't believe he will have that kind of success, because what the Minnesota Vikings do very well, they jump off the ball. They will come get your quarterback.


- And remember opening day, what happened? They got the doors blown off of them.

SKIP BAYLESS: But their defense hadn't come together yet.

- Yes.

- And it was Sam Bradford just picking them to pieces. Look, Kamara has been-- that was Adrian Peterson's coming home night.


- And now he's obviously out, and Kamara is in. So is he that guy or not? Because you got to get him the ball more. So he touched it 10 times for 23 yards rushing, but three passes for 1 yard. You got to figure out how to get him loose against the Vikings.

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes, he needs to be in space.

- He's the difference maker, right?

SHANNON SHARPE: Yes. He is the game-- he's the guy, I mean, he's the kick returner. So we've seen him take one back to the house. He's a guy that, the more he touches the ball, the more electric he becomes. You want him to have the ball in his hands in space. And so he'll get his opportunity.

They did a great job of trying to neutralize him. But I believe Sean Payton will come up with something, he'll find a way to get him in space, get him matched up on Barr, get him matched up on Kendricks and see if he can have his way with those guys.


- Give Carolina-- Carolina defense, not a slouch now. I mean, they're not statistically what they was in 2015. But Keuchly--

SKIP BAYLESS: Mm, you mean the poor man's Sean Lee?

SHANNON SHARPE: You know what?

- He is, I saw it again yesterday.


- Did you see him on the goal line, shoot and just swing and miss?

- Stop.

SKIP BAYLESS: Did you see that?

- The two best linebackers that play that position, one's in Seattle, the other's in Carolina.

SKIP BAYLESS: No, the best one is in Dallas, and unfortunately Dallas is not in this term.

SHANNON SHARPE: Don't do that, Skip. Don't do that.

- Well, it's the truth.

- Nobody gonna say that Luke Keuchly and Sean Lee are equal.

- He's a poor man's.

- Yeah, OK.

Poor man's. Poor man's.

- But they can still-- they can get out there, too. Now Kawann Short and all those guys, they can get to the quarterback also. So let's not, you know, look past them, or Thomas Davis was still making some plays. I just think they need a corner or a playmaking safety, Earl Thomas, one of those type guys. And they definitely need a wide receiver and a running back, Skip.


- They need a number one, true number one receiver that can bump Funchess down, and everybody gets bumped down a peg.

SKIP BAYLESS: Yeah, I agree.

- Because if Funchess is number one, that mean Kaelin Clay is a number two. He's not a number two.

SKIP BAYLESS: Or maybe he's out, I don't know.

- Yeah.

- Maybe he doesn't make it.

SHANNON SHARPE: He should be three, four at best.